Xi Jinping

Opinion – Factors Giving Rise to Xi Coup Rumours in China

Klaus Heinrich Raditio • Oct 11 2022 • Articles

The swirl of rumours indicates that by making his leadership excessively opaque, Xi only helps fuel speculation.

Opinion – China’s ‘New Cold War’ Posturing

Shubham • Jul 15 2022 • Articles

China looks set for a new multi-faceted, autocratic and prolonged Cold War as it expands its footprint across the Indo Pacific.

Opinion – Reconciling China’s Zero-Covid Policy with History

Thomas Ameyaw-Brobbey • Jun 23 2022 • Articles

Unlike in Mao’s era, domestic problems in China that affect its economic and political strength are likely to also affect the world in greater measure.

Opinion – Former China-Premier Wen Jiabao’s Censored Essay

Klaus Heinrich Raditio • May 20 2021 • Articles

An alternative reading suggests that Wen believes that liberal universal values are worth fighting for – even in the context of China’s current repressive system.

Rebranding China’s Global Role: Xi Jinping at the World Economic Forum

Selim Öterbülbül • Feb 20 2021 • Articles

China’s grand strategy under Xi Jinping is heading in a more assertive direction, yet still preserving a defensive-oriented foundation.

Opinion – Xi Jinping’s People-Oriented Narrative

Flavia Lucenti • Jun 14 2020 • Articles

Without the possibility to independently think and freely express, that allows us to question the reality around us, there are no ideas and there is no creativity.

Opinion – Taiwan Could Be to China What Canada Is to the US

Kristian McGuire • Mar 11 2020 • Articles

If Beijing were willing to learn from the American example, it could pave the way to a relationship with Taiwan comparable to that of the US with Canada.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Debt Trap or Soft Power Catalyst?

Daniele Carminati • Sep 1 2019 • Articles

A reassessment of how China wants to present itself to the world should come sooner than later, as it takes a long time to build a trustworthy reputation.

Xi Jinping’s Landmark Speech on Taiwan: A Hedging Strategy

Chunjuan Nancy Wei • Jan 29 2019 • Articles

When US-China relations are better, Taiwan is safer. When bilateral relations deteriorate, Taiwan could be the first victim. Reunification is a Chinese domestic affair.

Pushing the Boundaries of Soft Power: The Controversial Chinese Case

Daniele Carminati • Jul 11 2018 • Articles

When dealing with such a prominent and complex power as China, discussing and generalizing about its conduct may raise more questions than it answers.

Closing the Second Cycle in BRICS: A Surprise or Business as Usual?

Victoria V. Panova • Jun 6 2018 • Articles

BRICS has by now turned into a brand. This brand imposes responsibility on its members to respond to global challenges and serves the interests of the global community.

The Chinese Military Under Xi: Loyal and Ready to Achieve the History Mission?

Kerry Brown • Apr 20 2018 • Articles

Under Xi the People’s Liberation Army has a clear role in the national story of rejuvenation and empowerment that the President has been promoting since he became leader.

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