The “Drone” Lexicon

Joseph Chapa • Sep 30 2019 • Articles
The term, “drone,” is often unhelpful and is useful only to the degree that those who use it clarify the sub-categories within it that are actually at stake.

Environmental (In)Security in the Middle East

Adriana Seagle • May 15 2019 • Articles
Environmental issues are interlinked with social and political struggles across the region, and water and food security are areas in which countries have common interests.

The United Nations and Middle Eastern Security

Allison Miller • Nov 25 2018 • Articles
With the presence of ISIS winding down, the war in Yemen, increasing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and other regional issues the UN is able to fill the role of a moderating third party.

Drone Technology and the Trump Doctrine

Mary Ellen O'Connell and Brian Boyd • Jun 29 2017 • Articles
Trump is not breaking new ground in using greater lethal force than predecessors and ignoring international law, rather taking the direction towards a logical conclusion.

Deadly Stalemate in Yemen

Charles Schmitz • Dec 19 2016 • Articles
Yemen’s faltering economy desperately requires sustained, well-coordinated efforts to rebuild a country devastated by war and facing a humanitarian crisis.

Interview – Stacey Philbrick Yadav

E-International Relations • Jul 17 2016 • Features
Stacey Philbrick Yadav discusses the roots of the conflict in Yemen, assesses the key actors involved, and condemns the US's role in supporting the Saudi-led coalition.

Behemoth vs. Leviathan: RIP R2P?

Uriel Abulof • Jan 6 2016 • Articles
Ten years after its birth, R2P is dying, falling prey to its own antinomies: It has promised Locke, prescribed Leviathan, and practiced Behemoth.

The Arab Uprisings Five Years After

Martin Beck • Dec 1 2015 • Articles
In several Arab countries transformation is dominated, by political violence. The polity has broken down—the central state fails to deliver security to its citizens.

Yemen: A Battle for Energy Supremacy

Ashay Abbhi • May 23 2015 • Articles
Yemen is the amphitheatre where the gladiators will fight each other for the coveted prize of significant amount of resources, clout, and strengthened political will

Saudi Airstrikes on Yemen: Limits to Military Adventurism

Mohammed Nuruzzaman • May 20 2015 • Articles
The Saudis will continue to perceive the Houthis as powerful political and military opponents and feel the need to keep them at bay

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