Interview – Katarina Kušić

E-International Relations • Sep 12 2019 • Features
Katarina Kušić discusses the concepts of intervention and liberal governmentality, her research on Serbia, ethnography and decolonial thought applied to Southeast Europe.

Review – Media, Propaganda and the Politics of Intervention

Greg Simons • Jun 7 2019 • Features
Zollman's book provides a well-supported analysis of the nature and significance of media, propaganda and intervention using six key events reported in three countries.

Interview – Kate Ferguson

E-International Relations • May 8 2019 • Features
Kate Ferguson talks to us about identity-based violence, the rise in mass-atrocities, the effectiveness of R2P, and the relationship between academia and policy-making.

Promoting Democracy in Serbia — The Limits of EU Conditionality

John Allison • Apr 12 2018 • Essays
Despite the EU’s use of conditionality, Serbia remains far from constituting a consolidated democracy, and recent trends suggest it may be backsliding.

A Goal at a Time: Sports and Kosovo’s Statehood

Rakshit Chopra • Sep 27 2016 • Articles
Battling the everyday struggles of a lagging economy, it is the next goal or gold medal that Kosovo greatly relies on for the dissemination of its political voice.

Review – After Ethnic Conflict

Siddharth Tripathi • Aug 18 2016 • Features
An insightful account of persisting ethnic divisions in the power-sharing institutions and broader post-conflict political context of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia.

Peace and Reconciliation in the Balkans: Croatia vs. Serbia

Nikolina Židek • Feb 25 2015 • Articles
Reconciliation is a slow process but when there is political will, changes can occur and victims can eventually get redress through justice, truth and memory.

Citizenship in the Post-Yugoslav States: States, Nations, Rights

Jelena Dzankic • Sep 20 2014 • Articles
In the post-Yugoslav laboratory, different aspects of the regulation of membership have been adapted to strengthen the rule of an ethnic community or political faction.

Review – Citizenship after Yugoslavia

Nenad Rava • Jun 25 2013 • Features
The demise of Yugoslavia gave rise to the creation of new nation-states, whose emerging ‘citizenship regimes’ are analysed in this collection to ascertain their origins and shortcomings.

The Significance of Kosovo*

James Ker-Lindsay • Mar 3 2012 • Articles
Four years after Kosovo declared independence from Serbia, a more comprehensive settlement that ties up all the loose ends between Belgrade and Pristina is needed.

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