Advertising spaces on E-IR are limited in number, and we always sell the bulk of our advertising space well ahead of time. So please do book/enquire at the earliest opportunity to secure your spot and avoid disappointment.

E-IR delivers a highly targeted audience of current students and graduates that is unmatched in its size and scope on the internet. The website represents a unique and efficient vehicle to advertise postgraduate/undergraduate opportunities, and to advertise academic publications/resources to a global audience of engaged students and scholars. We accept advertising from any country.

  • Over 220,000 monthly unique readers (avg. Q1, 2015)
  • 70% of readers are currently in higher education and 89% of this cohort report they are likely to undertake further study
  • 15% of readers are lecturers or professors
  • 75% are aged 18-35
  • Broadly equal male/female readership

Stats taken from Google Analytics and annual reader survey data

Because E-IR is a registered non-profit run by volunteers, run on a cost-covering basis, we can keep our costs low. Please see our advertisers information pack for more details. We offer a limited number of advertising opportunities annually, as outlined below:

Website ‘banner adverts’
These display on our website homepage and hundreds of category and author pages reaching over 200,000 unique readers per month. These are the premium advertising spots on E-IR and they go fast. So, please do enquire at your earliest convenience. You can view live availability of banner slots here. 


Newsletter ‘button adverts’
These are placed on our weekly newsletter that is delivered to approximately 2500 recipients. You can view live availability of newsletter buttons here.

Please direct all advertising enquiries to with the subject line/title ‘Advertising’ and let us know what banner, or newsletter button, that you would like and for what duration. If you are an agent, we also ask that you disclose who your client is. If you would like to book space ahead of time for 2016 to avoid disappointment, we can arrange this also.