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Recent Posts

Evaluating Russia’s Grand Strategy in Ukraine

Christopher Kernan Schmidt • Jul 6 2020 • Essays
Russia’s grand strategy toward Ukraine helps achieve the state’s goals of regional hegemony, economic prosperity, and improved world power dynamics.

“The Crime He Committed Was to Steal a Cow”: Moral Luck and Gacaca

Maxfield Hancock • Jul 6 2020 • Essays
By rewarding confession and promoting reintegration, the Rwandan justice program Gacaca was marked by a permissive attitude toward individual moral responsibility.

The Importance of Language in Transatlantic Relations: The INF Treaty

Sara Benkirane • Jul 5 2020 • Essays
Language was crucial both in the making of the INF Treaty in 1987, and in the Treaty's unmaking in 2019.

Are We Entering an “Asian Century?”: The Possibility of a New International Order

Keita Kawakita • Jul 4 2020 • Essays
Both Asia’s internal political problems and America’s structural advantages prevent the “Asian Century” from becoming a political reality.

The Protection Paradox: Why Security’s Focus on the State Is Not Enough

Aisha Mahal • Jul 2 2020 • Essays
Feminist security studies explore the need to reconceptualize security away from its realist origins and towards a more individual-focused discipline.

The Great Lockdown vs. The Great Depression and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis

Akshat Sogani • Jul 2 2020 • Essays
Compared to the Great Depression and the 2008 Financial Crisis, the impact of the current economic crisis has been much hastier, more entrenched and very immediate.

The Barriers and Weaknesses of Kofi Annan’s Mediation Efforts in Syria

Tara Cranna • Jul 2 2020 • Essays
Despite the failure of the former UN Secretary-General's efforts in Syria, his work acts as a timeless basis for understanding how mediation efforts can fail.

Gender Quotas: Towards an Improved Democracy

Eszter Solyom • Jul 1 2020 • Essays
Gender quotas improve democracy by improving the quality of representation for everyone and by giving voice to gender-related issues that would otherwise be invisible.

Overcoming Empire’s Seduction: Decolonizing International Relations

Ernest Lee • Jun 30 2020 • Essays
Post-colonial theory challenges the validity of knowledge on former colonial societies, but is often accused of being deconstructive at the expense of a practical focus.

A Pareto Optimal Peace: How the Dayton Peace Agreement Struck a Unique Balance

Hyunso Oh • Jun 28 2020 • Essays
While optimal for no party, the DPA was an innovative shot at a pareto optimal peace between the irreconcilable agendas of the three ethnic-communities.

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