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Recent Posts

The Middle East: An Orientalist Creation

Arwa Syed • Feb 25 2021 • Essays

The Middle East can be understood as an imperial invention–created by European colonial powers–by exploring historic and contemporary orientalist policies in the region.

Understanding Power in Counterinsurgency: A Case Study of the Soviet-Afghanistan War

Marnix Middelburg • Feb 25 2021 • Essays

To be successful, counterinsurgency operations must expand beyond a solely militaristic conception of power to include soft power and popular support.

LGBTQ+ History Month Interviews

E-International Relations • Feb 22 2021 • Features

To celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month we asked previous contributors to E-IR whether they think the discipline of IR has made important strides to equally incorporate LGBTQ+ perspectives, ideas and histories.

Impact of Regime Policies on the Rise of Sectarian Violence: Case of Syria

Ondrej Palicka • Feb 21 2021 • Essays

Neopatrimonialism is the root cause of sectarian division that allows the reproduction of sectarian identity.

Remembering February 19, 1942: Japanese Americans and World War II

Jessica Mukai • Feb 18 2021 • Essays

It is crucial to remember the painful experience of Japanese-American internment and incarceration during World War II to prevent future atrocities from occurring.

Interview – Jamie Hagen

E-International Relations • Feb 15 2021 • Features

Jamie Hagen discusses the importance of LGBTQ+ History Month, the role of queer theory in IR and challenges faced by women and LGBTIQ+ folks in Northern Ireland.

Agonizing Assemblages: The Slow Violence of Garbage in the Yemeni Civil War

Maxwell Fenton • Feb 14 2021 • Essays

The war in Yemen has created a garbage collection crisis which is enacting a slow violence against Yemenites who suffer negative health and environmental effects.

“Fake It Till You Make It?” Post-Coloniality and Consumer Culture in Africa

Duke Mwedzi • Feb 10 2021 • Essays

Consumer culture exists in many African societies and it is heavily influenced by cultural assimilation.

Interview – Bann Seng Tan

E-International Relations • Feb 7 2021 • Features

Bann Seng Tan talks to us about forms of democracy promotion through foreign aid, what makes it effective and the impact of COVID-19.

The Resilience of Baloch Insurgencies: Understanding the Fifth Period

Yogesh Gattani • Feb 2 2021 • Essays

The Baloch peoples’ insurgency has proved their resilience and ability to generate momentum for a cause that is unlikely to subside to Pakistani state repression.

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