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International Relations incorporates a wide range of methods. Some of these are unique to IR (like IR Theory for example) others have been ‘borrowed’ or adapted from other disciplines like Political Science, History, Sociology and many others. This is due to the wide scope of IR and the need for diverse ways of addressing the questions it raises. Methods can be a daunting area to grasp, but put simply they are the tool and techniques used by students and scholars to properly design research questions, and more importantly to reach persuasive and credible answers to those questions. The resources presented below will help you grasp the fundamentals.

Comprehensive online guide to research design and methods from the University of Surrey

A range of concise resources to guide students on research design from Wesleyan University

How to develop a good research topic (video below)

Lecture Presentation on Research Methods by Graham R Gibbs (video below)

Helpful videos from Steely Library NKU on research basics

Web Center for Social Research Methods

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