Opinion – Internal Simultaneity: A Science of Autobiography

Naeem Inayatullah • May 4 2020 • Articles
Autobiography should be regarded as way of coming to know the world. We can explore our lives with the same care and wonder we bring to the study of the world at large.

Researching the Uncertain: Memory and Disappearance in Mexico

Danielle House • Apr 2 2020 • Articles
My project was framed by failure: it was impossible to conceptually and literally to understand the central issue of my project. Yet I tried to work within uncertainty.

Fieldwork, Failure, International Relations

Katarina Kušić and Jakub Záhora • Mar 30 2020 • Articles
This volume aims to unsettle the silence that surrounds fieldwork failure in both methods training and academic publications by evaluating Ph.D researchers experiences.

Review – Seeing Politics

Dean Cooper-Cunningham • Sep 30 2019 • Features
Using narrative feature film as a method of co-production, Harman brings feminist and decolonial works into conversation with the visual and aesthetic turns in IR.

Student Feature – Spotlight on Qualitative Methods in International Relations

Kevin Weng • Sep 4 2019 • Student Features
Kevin Weng explains how qualitative research methods allow political scientists to develop complex arguments and explain outlier cases in international relations.

Interview – Amandine Hostein

E-International Relations • Aug 8 2019 • Features
Amandine Hostein discusses her PhD research on social media use by NGOs, the virtual public sphere, methodological challenges, and her experience chairing the BISA PGN.

Scopic Regimes, Drones, and the Visual Turn in International Relations

Kyle Grayson and Jocelyn Mawdsley • Aug 13 2018 • Articles
The discipline of international relations needs to better engage with different ways of seeing, particularly those arising outside of western traditions.

Interview – Lene Hansen

E-International Relations • Jul 12 2018 • Features
Prof. Lene Hansen discusses securitization scholarship, developments in discourse analysis, and the role of images and the 'visual turn' in International Relations.

10th Anniversary Interview – Stephen Walt

E-International Relations • Dec 7 2017 • Features
To celebrate E-IR’s 10th anniversary we asked some of our existing interviewees two further questions reflecting on the last decade in International Relations.

Field Research, Research Design, and Scientific Method (A Personal Account)

Patricia J. Sohn • Apr 13 2017 • Articles
“Science” is a many splendored and varied thing. It even includes qualitative research.

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