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The OSCE is a forum for political dialogue on a wide range of security issues and a platform for joint action to improve the lives of individuals and communities. The organization uses a comprehensive approach to security that encompasses the politico-military, economic and environmental, and human dimensions. Through this approach, and with its inclusive membership, the OSCE helps bridge differences and build trust between states by co-operating on conflict prevention, crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation. Taken from OSCE: Who we are

OSCE Social Media

OSCE Official Website

OSCE Twitter

OSCE Facebook

OSCE Youtube Channel

Other OSCE Social Media

Introduction to the OSCE

What is the OSCE – OSCE Factsheet

History – OSCE

OSCE Profile – The International Center for Non-For-Profit Law

OSCE Profile – Nuclear Threat Initiative

What is the OSCE? (Video Below)

The OSCE: A Documentary (Video Below)

History of the Helsinki Act (Video Below)

OSCE Up Close

Institutions and Structure – OSCE

Participating States – OSCE

Rules of Procedure – OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Interplay between the Council of Europe, OSCE, EU and NATO – Caruso (2007)

Security Community – OSCE Magazine

CORE – Centre for OSCE Research, Hamburg

Important Documents and Publications

Helsinki Act (1975)

The Charter of Paris for a New Europe (1990)

The Istanbul Charter for European Security (1999)

Astana Commemorative Declaration (2010)

OSCE Publications, such as

Contemporary Issues – OSCE and Migration

Migration – OSCE

Statement to the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna – UNHCR

REFUGEE AND MIGRANT CRISIS: The OSCE PA Responds – OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

OSCE Commitments on Migration Issues – Legislation Online

Migration – a new challenge for the OSCE in South Eastern Europe? – Marciacq et al. (2016)

OSCE Publications on Refugees and Migration – overview by Refworld

OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier: Security Days – Refocusing Migration and Security

OSCE and the Ukraine Crisis

Factsheet on OSCE engagement in Ukraine – OSCE

The Crisis in and around Ukraine – OSCE

OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine – OSCE

Daily and spot reports from the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine – OSCE

Overcoming the East-West Divide – Perspectives on the Role of the OSCE in the Ukraine Crisis – Nünlist, Svarin (2014)

Can the OSCE Defuse Ukrainian Tensions? – Council on Foreign Relations

Reviving the OSCE: European Security and the Ukraine Crisis – Carnegie Europe

OSCE’s role and activities in and around Ukraine (Video Below)

Head of OSCE briefs press on Ukraine

The Way Ahead

The OSCE From Confrontation to Cooperation and Back Again – Carnegie Europe

Institutionally Blind: The next steps in reforming the Council of Europe and the OSCE – The Foreign Policy Centre

The Battered OSCE Is Needed More Than Ever – Carnegie Europe

The OSCE and the Future of European Security – Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich

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