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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO] is one of the world’s major international institutions. It is a political and military alliance that brings together 29 member countries from Europe and North America. These countries meet to cooperate in the field of security and defence. In this respect, NATO provides a unique link between these two continents for political and security cooperation. Taken from NATO’s What is Nato?


What is NATO?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization – Council on Foreign Relations

NATO: what, why, how? – Youtube Playlist by NATO

NATO on the map – Interactive Map

NATO: What is it, why does it still exist, and how does it work?

NATO Up Close

Secretary General’s Annual Report 2017

NATO’s Strategic Concept

NATO Structure

NATO’s Operations and Missions: Past and Present

NATO Encylopedia

NATO Terminology Database

NATO E-Library

NATO Archives Online

NATO Legal Gazette

NATO History

NATO Declassified – NATO’s History Section

British Pathé – Archive of Historical Films on NATO Related Events

60 Years of NATO in Eight Minutes

Lessons Learned: North Atlantic Treaty Signing

History of NATO Strategic Concepts

NATO Enlargement

The ‘NATO Expansion’ Controversy – NATO Multimedia Library (with links to many further resources)

NATO Enlargement – A Case Study – Center for Security & International Studies

NATO enlargement: Assurances and misunderstandings – European Council on Foreign Relations

NATO Enlargement Reloaded – Carnegie Europe

Crises and Critical Voices

Robert Hayden on Constitutional Anthropology, NATO Undermining the UN Consensus and Nationalism in the Balkans – Theory Talks

NATO and the Classical Problem of Measuring Inputs vs. Outputs – Steve Saideman on Duck of Minerva

Trump’s Unpopularity and What It Means for NATO – Steve Saideman on Duck of Minerva

Stop Panicking Over Trump and NATO – Global Public Policy Institute

Are Germans Upholding Nato’s Article V Commitments? – Daniel Nexon on Duck of Minerva

Zombie NATO – Danish Institute for International Studies

NATO’s Bad Apples – Carnegie Europe

EU-NATO Alignment After Brexit – Carnegie Europe

Great Power Politics and the Ukranian Crisis – Danish Institute for International Studies

NATO in Afghanistan – Danish Institute for International Studies

Further reading on specific or general issues

NATO LibGuide with (external) references on several other topics, e.g.
Cyber Defence
Women, Peace and Security
NATO-Russia relations

NATO Section – Council of Foreign Relations

Publications on NATO – Brookings Institution

Publications on NATO – Center for Strategy & International Studies

Digital Commons Library on NATO – Digital Commons Network

NATO’s Way Forward

NATO at a Crossroads: A Reading List – Brookings Institution

The Future of NATO – Council of Foreign Relations

Reducing Tensions Between Russia and NATO – Council of Foreign Relations

NATO’s Eastern Flank and Its Future Relationship With Russia – Carnegie Council

NATO: The Way Forward – Chatham House

NATO Partnerships: Shaking Hands or Shaking the System? – Institut Français des Relations Internationales

Europe For The Europeans: The Case of NATO Reform – Harvard Political Review

NATO Reform: Key principles – Atlantic Council

Principles and Proposals for NATO Reform – Heritage Foundation

Reforming NATO’s Partnerships – German Institute for Security and International Affairs

Taking Stock of the Transatlantic Relationship: Female Leaders Reflect on 2017 – Atlantic Council Podcast

NATO’s Next Nuclear Challenges – NATO’s Michael Rühle on Carnegie Europe

NATO Moving Forward – Council on Foreign Relations

Statesmen’s Forum: NATO in the 21st Century – Center for Strategic & International Studies

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