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Daryl Morini is an editor-at-large of E-IR. He is pursuing a PhD in preventive diplomacy at the University of Queensland, Australia. Follow him on Twitter @DarylMorini

The Knotted Gun: Practical Solutions to Conflict

Daryl Morini • Nov 11 2013 • Articles
IR academics have a special responsibility to the world, as the inheritors of an enduring and all-important question: How can we prevent future wars?

The IR Survey

Daryl Morini • May 21 2013 • Features
This is the only student-focussed survey of the IR discipline. All IR students are invited to take a few minutes to complete the survey, and IR lecturers are encouraged to share it with their students.

Using Twitter to Simulate @CrisisDiplomacy

Daryl Morini • Feb 6 2013 • Articles
Governments of all stripes pursue war-gaming, simulations and contingency planning. So why not use Twitter to simulate crisis diplomacy? The potential pay-offs of such simulations make it necessary to try.

The Causes of the New Space Race

Daryl Morini • Sep 17 2012 • Articles
The first space race was the start of a new era in human history, not its apogee. There is no guarantee that we will not repeat it. But if money is the sinews of war, this space race will be more formidable than the last.

International Relations and Time

Daryl Morini • May 5 2012 • Articles
The IR calling is a fast-paced, high-intensity, you-snooze-you-loose business. In the academic era of the “publish or perish” doctrine, it is useful to reflect upon time, as both an important variable in IR theory, and a relentless force in our own lives.

Linkage – April 2012

Daryl Morini • Apr 17 2012 • Features
e-IR's Linkages feature the most original and interesting IR journal articles. This edition discusses research on decision-making, critical theory, negotiation, China's potential annexation of the moon, and more.

Linkage – Simulating History to Understand International Politics

Daryl Morini • Apr 2 2012 • Features
IR students may one day thank Weir and Baranowski for making the discipline more fun via their latest journal article.

Why Australia Fears China’s Rise: The Growing War Consensus

Daryl Morini • Feb 8 2012 • Articles
Inter-state war is threatening to make a dangerous come-back. But the good news is that great power war can be prevented.

Do Not Celebrate the Death of a Dictator

Daryl Morini • Oct 24 2011 • Articles
My blood curdled upon seeing images of a dying Gaddafi. So begins the new Libya, drenched in blood, celebrating the death of its 40-year dictator. I am no apologist for the butchers of 9/11, the rapists of Misrata, or the killers of innocent men, women and children worldwide. But I cannot bring myself to glorify death.

Review – The Role of Energy in Russian Foreign Policy towards Kazakhstan

Daryl Morini • Sep 8 2011 • Features
This in-depth study into the complex and multi-faceted aspect of the role of oil and gas in Russian foreign policy goes beyond the headlines, taking the reader through the hydrocarbon fields, and into the backroom of energy contract negotiations between the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan since 1991. It is recommended reading for all regional or country-experts and interested readers alike.

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