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Interview – Mark Blyth

E-International Relations • Aug 13 2016 • Features

Mark Blyth discusses the crises of the European Union, the repercussions of Brexit, alternatives to austerity, and his position as a “reluctant Constructivist”.

Student Feature – Advice on Writing an Essay

E-International Relations • Aug 10 2016 • Student Features

This guide is aimed at a beginner, typically a student embarking on their first year of university study. It may also be useful as a recap for more experienced students.

Interview – James Der Derian

E-International Relations • Aug 5 2016 • Features

James Der Derian explains the importance of quantum physics to the social sciences, comments on the political science prison, and argues for more speculation in IR.

Interview – Richard Murphy

E-International Relations • Jul 31 2016 • Features

Campaigner and academic Richard Murphy on the relations of transport history and taxes, the pleasures of paying tax, state capacity, and uncertainty in economics.

Interview – Harvey F. Kline

E-International Relations • Jul 23 2016 • Features

Professor Kline analyses the Colombian peace agreement, elaborates on the futility of guerrilla movements, and explains why Coca production has increased.

Interview – Stacey Philbrick Yadav

E-International Relations • Jul 17 2016 • Features

Stacey Philbrick Yadav discusses the roots of the conflict in Yemen, assesses the key actors involved, and condemns the US’s role in supporting the Saudi-led coalition.

Edited Collection – Time, Temporality and Global Politics

E-International Relations • Jul 15 2016 • Features

This book address subjects such as war, terrorism, identity, and governance to demonstrate how focusing on temporal aspects can enhance our understanding of the world.

Interview – Houchang Chehabi

E-International Relations • Jul 12 2016 • Features

Houchang Chehabi elaborates on why Iran’s single biggest crisis is its drought, its impact on agricultural centers, as well as its implications on geopolitics.

Interview – Nadav Tamir

E-International Relations • Jul 3 2016 • Features

Nadav Tamir discusses his mentor Shimon Peres, his support for the Iran nuclear deal and why a two-state solution between Israel and an independent Palestine is possible.

Interview – Harry Shutt

E-International Relations • Jun 25 2016 • Features

Harry Shutt discusses the decline of Capitalism, puts forward his case for a universal basic income, and stresses the need for an interdisciplinary approach to economics.

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