Author profile: Rachael Squire

Rachael Squire is a first year PhD student in Geopolitics and Security at Royal Holloway University of London. Her research focuses on underwater geopolitics and mobilities, ocean space, materiality, and sound. Rachael co-edits the blog

Strangers in the Archipelago: Hunting for ‘Something’ in Swedish Waters

Rachael Squire • Oct 28 2014 • Articles

The search for foreign activity in Swedish waters – the ‘Hunt for Reds in October’ – has been called off. Yet, there is much to be said about this geopolitical incident.

Tensions Between Britain and Spain over Gibraltar

Rachael Squire • Jan 24 2014 • Articles

In the modern era, sovereignty disputes such as those over Gibraltar have become commonplace, and have proved an area ripe for academic deconstruction.

The Estonian President and Baroness Neville-Jones in Conversation on Cyber Security

Rachael Squire • Jun 2 2013 • Articles

Toomas Hendrik Ilves recently visited the UK to discuss the threat of cyber security. It turned out to be a fascinating discussion about personal freedoms, liberty and state power.

Insuring Security

Rachael Squire • Jan 17 2013 • Articles

Sandy was a catastrophe that came with a great cost. The event showed that the political economy of risk is enormous, cementing the role of actors such as Lloyds not as anomalies of geopolitics and security but as agents.

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