Author profile: Zaki Shalom

Prof. Zaki Shalom is a senior researcher at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute, Ben-Gurion University and a senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security studies, Tel Aviv University.

Has Operation Pillar of Defense Enhanced Israel’s Deterrence?

Zaki Shalom • Jan 6 2013 • Articles
Operation Pillar of Defense has demonstrated Israel’s growing military capabilities, enhancing its deterrence against Hamas. Yet, this situation may not last for long.

Is Israel’s Deterrence vis-à-vis Hizbollah Diminishing?

Zaki Shalom • Oct 29 2012 • Articles
The launch of missiles and public provocation against Israel give Hizbollah, Iran and Syria much prestige without risking any significant retaliation due to the current election season.

Israel and the United States: Facing Dramatic Decisions

Zaki Shalom • Aug 1 2012 • Articles
The Obama administration must understand that an Israeli military operation against Iran is liable to drag the United States into the battlefield against its will.

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