Review – Understanding Libya Since Gaddafi

Youssef Mohammad Sawani • Jun 17 2022 • Features

Ulf Laessing provides fresh insight into the situation in Libya following the collapse of the Gaddafi regime.

Review – Women’s International Thought

Kathryn Starnes • Jun 9 2022 • Features

This book provides fresh perspectives on the role of women’s thought in the development of International Relations through the 20th century.

Review – Saving the International Justice Regime

Franziska Boehme • Jun 3 2022 • Features

Hillebrecht’s clearly written book is the first to fully consider cases of backlash to international courts and puts forward relevant policy prescriptions.

Review Feature – Re-examining IPE

Randall Germain • May 26 2022 • Features

The two books in this feature provide fresh perspectives on International Political Economy by questioning and advocating a shift away from established economic and historical narratives.

Review – On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

Martin Duffy • May 12 2022 • Features

It is a happy irony that families like Ocean’s who have sacrificed so much, bequeath to their host society a narrative not only gorgeous, but priceless.

Review – Do Not Disturb

Cliff (Ubba) Kodero • Apr 21 2022 • Features

Wrong’s book explores Rwanda’s complex political scene and the murder of an adversary of the president that challenges the dominant image of Kagame’s Rwanda.

Review – Fractured China

Chenchao Lian • Apr 12 2022 • Features

This book develops a useful theoretical framework to analyse the inconsistencies and contradictions in the making and implementation of China’s foreign policy.

Review – Refugee Resettlement

Paulina Larreátegui Benavides • Apr 2 2022 • Features

This book reflects on the power, politics and governance within refugee resettlement programmes and features a wide range of voices, helping readers to better understand resettlement as a form of humanitarian governance.

Review – Migrations: A World on the Move

Anna Finiguerra • Mar 20 2022 • Features

This podcast takes a look at migration from all perspectives, and how it interplays with concepts of racial justice and climate change.

Review – Contesting the Global Order

Yavuz Tuyloglu • Mar 12 2022 • Features

This intellectual biography of Immanuel Wallerstein and Perry Anderson provides a distinct comparative anaysis and relates their approaches to contemporary crises.

Review – Vernacular Border Security

Ben Rosher • Feb 10 2022 • Features

This book examines why European citizens’ border anxieties increase with heightened border security in response to the migration crisis.

Review – Routledge Handbook of Marxism and Post-Marxism

Raju J. Das • Jan 31 2022 • Features

This handbook offers an informative overview of different types of Marxism, though tends to conflate Marxism with Post-Marxism.

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