Review – Global Reboot

Katharina Kuhn • Nov 11 2021 • Features

This podcast from Foreign Policy should inspire listeners to think big, despite its largely abstract and Western centric approach to tackling global challenges in a post-pandemic world.

Review – Power Politics in Africa

Adeleke Olumide Ogunnoiki • Oct 26 2021 • Features

By considering the hegemonic rivalry of Nigeria and South Africa, including their hard and soft power capabilities, this edited volume provides a much needed contribution to African perspectives on IR.

Review – The People Are Not an Image

Kelly Lewis • Oct 6 2021 • Features

Snowdon’s book reshapes the political imaginary of the reader and re-evaluates protest videos as vernacular devices.

Review – The Myth of the Nuclear Revolution

Maren Vieluf • Sep 26 2021 • Features

Liber and Press present a strong case for a more cautious approach to continued nuclear deterrence, but seem to overlook the potential for catastophe.

Review – Citizenship

Rizal Buendia • Sep 7 2021 • Features

Kochenov’s provocative book assesses the concept and practice of citizenship, which he contends has always, in essence, been racist.

Review – Security as Politics: Beyond the State of Exception

Sasikumar S. Sundaram • Aug 24 2021 • Features

Andrew Neal’s thought-provoking book critiques the view of security as anti-politics and instead focuses on parliamentary politics and recent shifts in security practices.

Review – The Postcolonial African State in Transition

Sarah Then Bergh • Aug 12 2021 • Features

Amy Niang’s book takes up the urgent task of our collective postcolonial moment: to trace and critique historical trajectories, while finding in these the possibility to extract and abstract a plurality of modes of being, so as to create future imaginaries.

Review – International Relations, Music and Diplomacy

M.I. Franklin • Aug 5 2021 • Features

This volume contributes to explorations of the scholarly intertwining of inquiries into the performing arts, (popular) culture, and IR as conjoined fields of study.

Review – Europe and America: The End of the Transatlantic Relationship?

Roberta N. Haar • Jul 29 2021 • Features

The differences on display in Cornwall and the damage done to transatlantic relations by the Trump era are the main topics explored in Federiga Bindi’s 2019 edited volume.

Review – Hans Kelsen’s Political Realism

Felix Rösch • Jul 22 2021 • Features

Schuett’s work highlights Kelsen’s often overlooked contributions to IR, but raises questions over the conflation of strands of realist thought and the pessimism of mid-century thinkers.

Review – Warlord Survival: The Delusion of Statebuilding in Afghanistan

Florian P. Kühn • Jul 9 2021 • Features

Malejacq’s book presents a lively and detailed narrative of four significant ‘warlords’ and how they demonstrate the failings of external statebuilding in Afghanistan.

Review – We Are Bellingcat

Robert Bunker • Jul 1 2021 • Features

In this accessible and engaging read, Higgins outlines the history of his organisation and highlights some effective online investigation tools availble to citizens.

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