Review – Hans Kelsen’s Political Realism

Felix Rösch • Jul 22 2021 • Features

Schuett’s work highlights Kelsen’s often overlooked contributions to IR, but raises questions over the conflation of strands of realist thought and the pessimism of mid-century thinkers.

Review – Warlord Survival: The Delusion of Statebuilding in Afghanistan

Florian P. Kühn • Jul 9 2021 • Features

Malejacq’s book presents a lively and detailed narrative of four significant ‘warlords’ and how they demonstrate the failings of external statebuilding in Afghanistan.

Review – We Are Bellingcat

Robert Bunker • Jul 1 2021 • Features

In this accessible and engaging read, Higgins outlines the history of his organisation and highlights some effective online investigation tools availble to citizens.

Review – International Relations from the Global South

Maiken Gelardi • Jun 25 2021 • Features

Arlene Tickner and Karen Smith give us a tool that enables us to teach IR in a way that transcends the conventional western-centric lens.

Review – Singapore Is Not An Island

Benjamin Tze Ern Ho • Jun 17 2021 • Features

Veteran diplomat Bilahari Kausikan explores the foreign policy dynamics of the island city-state of Singapore, including how it creates and maintains relevance in the region and beyond.

Review – Anticolonial Afterlives in Egypt: The Politics of Hegemony

Nicola Pratt • Jun 10 2021 • Features

Using the work of Antonio Gramsci and Franz Fanon, Salem’s book analyses postcolonial Egypt and explores how the failures of this period contributed to the 2011 revolution.

Review – Latin American Extractivism

Richard W. Coughlin • Jun 4 2021 • Features

Steve Ellner’s edited work provides an insightful, if not wholly convincing, argument against dismissing the pink tide and the associated approach to extractivism in Latin America.

Review – The Cult of Smart

Kyle L. Chong • May 25 2021 • Features

Fredrik deBoer’s book presents a progressive vision for the future of education however it fails to address educational inequality.

Review – Pluralist Democracy in International Relations

Felix Rösch • May 16 2021 • Features

Holthaus explores the work of three British thinkers, Hobhouse, Cole, and Mitrany, and highlights their relevance to today’s democracies.

Review – Embattled Dreamlands: The Politics of Contesting Armenian, Kurdish and Turkish Memory

Mark Levene • May 11 2021 • Features

Leupold deals with the complex relationships between Armenians, Kurds and Turks, uncovering the nuances of memory, nationalism and conflict.

Review – Paramilitarism: Mass Violence in the Shadow of the State

John Paul Newman • Apr 30 2021 • Features

Üngör’s book presents a comprehensive account of the history and organisation of paramilitarism, tackling many of the difficulties faced when studying the subject.

Review – Whiskey & International Relations Theory

Filipe dos Reis and Adhemar Mercado • Apr 21 2021 • Features

The Whiskey & International Relations Theory podcast considers classical texts and recent debates in IR in an engaging and accessible way.

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