Returning to Chajsy, Belarus: Back to Stalin

David R. Marples • Jul 12 2020 • Articles
The problems faced today seem even more complex than in the late 1980s when, in retrospect, there was more opportunity for open discussion.

Black Lives Matter, Poetry, and Pedagogy: On Gil Scott-Heron and Global Protests

Lee Jones and Matthew Leep • Jul 10 2020 • Articles
While Gil Scott-Heron’s work contends with the sociopolitical brutalities of racism, it also signals toward the possibilities (and impossibilities) of change.

The Psychological Dimension of COVID-19 Disinformation

Aiden Hoyle • Jul 9 2020 • Articles
Better knowledge of precisely how disinformation erodes trust in states and institutions might point to reinforcing the psychological factor as a useful endeavor in enhancing resilience efforts.

Teaching and Publishing in Cambridge and Moscow

David R. Marples • Jul 9 2020 • Articles
This chapter describes the author's travel, stories and experiences teaching and publishing 20th Century Russian history books in Cambridge and Moscow.

Opinion – The Survival of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

Víctor M. Mijares • Jul 7 2020 • Articles
The Bolivarian Revolution and its authoritarian resilience can be interpreted as manifestations of a larger global process relating to the decline of the liberal order.

Opinion – Eulogy for American Exceptionalism

Morgan Bazilian • Jul 7 2020 • Articles
The outdated notion of exceptionalism undermines the effectiveness of US foreign policy and harms important areas of international cooperation.

Doom, Boom or Hibernation? Covid-19 and the Defense Industry

Johan Eriksson and Giampiero Giacomello • Jul 7 2020 • Articles
The disruption of global value chains is devastating for smaller and more niche companies. Bigger and more diversified players seem to be faring better.

Covid-19: Learning the Hard Way

Kan Li and and Cecilia Corsini • Jul 6 2020 • Articles
Governments, regardless of type, that recognized the magnitude of the threat at the early stages of the outbreak and enforced social isolation early, suffered from lower infection rates.

Banned from Belarus

David R. Marples • Jul 6 2020 • Articles
2010 was a watermark year. The signs for a freer election than in the past had been promising. But December marked a turning point, with candidates in prison on election night amidst Russian interference.

Post-Brexit EU Defence Policy: Is Germany Leading towards a European Army?

Alberto Cunha • Jul 5 2020 • Articles
In the wake of Trump's unilateralism, France and Germany have repeated proposals to create a European army, but different ideas persist about what this would mean.

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