Opinion – Confronting Israel’s Annexation Plans: From Fear to Hope

Mohammed Abu-Nimer • Aug 13 2020 • Articles

The South African example of transformation from the Apartheid system taught us that we cannot give up on the hope that both Israelis and Palestinians can live in dignity and security.

Opinion – The US and Nord Stream 2 Geopolitics

Ragul Palanisami • Aug 12 2020 • Articles

Nord Stream 2 has further exposed the divisions within EU and allowed the US to have a balancing impact on the varying interests of different European countries.

Why the West Needs to Stop its Moralising against China

Kerry Brown • Aug 10 2020 • Articles

Knowledge, humility, and honesty will be the things that help the outside world deal with the historic challenge of China’s rise.

Trade, Industrialisation, and British Colonial Rule in India

Roberto Bonfatti and Björn Brey • Aug 10 2020 • Articles

British industrial productivity led to a century-long process of deindustrialisation. India was outcompeted by the industrial revolution in Britain

Opinion – Making Sense of China’s ‘Wolf Warrior’ Diplomacy

Ragul Palanisami • Aug 10 2020 • Articles

A new brand of Chinese diplomat is emerging. Unlike the older generation these so-called ‘wolf warriors’ are known for their aggressive, proactive and high-profile tactics.

Asian Security amid China’s Dominance

Rameez Raja and Zahoor Ahmad Dar • Aug 9 2020 • Articles

The American century is coming to its end and China is ready to dominate the Asian Hemisphere. Yet, China’s labelling as a threat to world peace and security is contested.

Known Unknowns: Covid-19 and Biological Warfare

Michelle Bentley • Aug 8 2020 • Articles

The pandemic has brought the threat of bioweapons into the realm of the known, with potentially positive implications for the control of these armaments.

Opinion – Europe and China’s Growing Assertiveness

Kareem Salem • Aug 8 2020 • Articles

Amid escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing, Europe will try to find a middle road between Trump style confrontation and coddling.

Opinion – The Rohingya Conundrum amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sinmyung Park • Aug 7 2020 • Articles

If Myanmar considered taking a much more proactive stance on the repatriation of Rohingya refugees it would achieve both political and economic benefits in the long run.

The Boom of Guyana’s Oil Industry: Opportunities and Challenges of the New Petrostate

William Clavijo • Aug 7 2020 • Articles

Due to the size of Guyana’s economy, the impact of increased oil production will place the country as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

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