Interview – Bas de Gaay Fortman (Part Two)

E-International Relations • Dec 19 2012 • Features
The second part of e-IR's exclusive interview with Professor Bas de Gaay Fortman, Chair in Political Economy of Human Rights at Utrecht University Law School, Netherlands.

Review – The United States and the Global Economy

Jared A. Pincin • Dec 18 2012 • Features
In a thought provoking journey introducing his readers to the global economic structures of the Bretton Words era, Frederick Weaver assesses the sustainability of the current form of globalization.

Edited Collection – South Sudan’s Independence

Al McKay • Dec 12 2012 • Features
This compendium explores South Sudan's secession, the broader conceptual issues of state building, international development & conflict resolution.

Review – Winner Take All

Ross Anthony • Dec 11 2012 • Features
Through the presentation of numerous data sets, Moyo offers a counter-reading to a slew of biased writing which presents China’s growing role in the market for global resources without reflection on the Euro-American sphere’s continued domination of these markets.

Review – Studies in Trans-Disciplinary Method

Rhys Crilley • Dec 3 2012 • Features
This challenging book highlights how Shapiro’s writing-as-method and the stories of aesthetic subjects can be used to explore issues at a deeper level than psychological approaches.

Review – South Sudan: From Revolution to Independence

Scopas S. Poggo • Dec 3 2012 • Features
LeRiche and Arnold, despite certain shortcomings, offer a significant contribution to the study of wars and conflicts in the Sudan in particular, and Africa at large.

Review – Volunteer Tourism in the Global South

Stephen Wearing • Nov 28 2012 • Features
This work explores the phenomenon of volunteer tourism, especially the governmental rationalities and socio-economic conditions that valorise it as a noble and necessary cultural practice.

Review – The China Choice

Huw McKay • Nov 26 2012 • Features
No serious thinker on global and Asian regional security matters can afford to be ignorant of this book's central thesis- America must make a choice very soon regarding China: to relinquish primacy to share power with China in a concert of Asia.

Review – Obama and the Middle East

Robert Mason • Nov 21 2012 • Features
As Barack Obama prepares to enter a second term Fawaz Gerges assesses his first term in relation to the Middle East, examining the major themes and historical constraints of Obama's foreign policy.

Review – Why Leaders Lie

Thomas Messer • Nov 19 2012 • Features
Does lying in international politics occur? How often? Who benefits? What are the consequences? There are many questions to be considered in Mearsheimer’s Why Leaders Lie and it provides a starting point for further research and discussion.

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