Student Features

Student and Faculty Experiences of the Coronavirus Shutdown

E-International Relations • Mar 25 2020 • Student Features

As the coronavirus issue grew into a pandemic and our team experienced the shutdown of their universities, we collected some vignettes that we hope you will find useful.

Student Feature – Spotlight on the International Labour Organization

Véronique Stenger • Feb 22 2020 • Student Features

The ILO has gone through profound changes in its makeup and agenda since 1919. Today, it attempts to redefine its values while addressing contemporary global challenges.

Student Feature – Spotlight on Liberal Internationalism

Th.W. Bottelier • Jan 31 2020 • Student Features

Liberal internationalism is one of the dominant traditions of IR. History shows its connection to the emergence of the concept of ‘the international’ itself.

Student Feature – UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention

Michael Dylan Foster • Jan 7 2020 • Student Features

The Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, an instrument of UNESCO, highlights the complexities and politics of cultural protections.

Student Feature – Spotlight on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Julie Garey • Oct 15 2019 • Student Features

NATO represents a robust institution for collective defense, with missions expanding past Europe, although some argue it should re-focus on European operations.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Green Theory and Climate Change

Hugh Dyer • Sep 29 2019 • Student Features

Green theory allows a broader perspective on our common interests and emphasises choices made within the ecological boundaries of climate change, rather than the political boundaries of economic advantage.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Indigenous Perspectives and the Buffalo Treaty

Jeff Corntassel and Marc Woons • Sep 22 2019 • Student Features

Developments within IR highlight the struggle of Indigenous peoples to maintain their place-based existence so that their lands, cultures, communities and relationships will flourish for generations to come.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Global Justice and Climate Change

Alix Dietzel • Sep 17 2019 • Student Features

Debates about the climate responsibilities of non-state actors are important to IR theory, which has been traditionally concerned with how states relate to one another.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Global South Perspectives on Development

Lina Benabdallah, Carlos Murillo-Zamora and Victor Adetula • Sep 17 2019 • Student Features

As new economic powers such as India, China, Brazil, Turkey as well as other rising economies emerge, IR will need to do more to pay attention to the perspectives of those in the Global South.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Postcolonialism and Women of Colour

Sheila Nair • Sep 9 2019 • Student Features

Postcolonialism forces us to reckon with the everyday injustices and oppressions that can reveal themselves in the starkest terms through a particular moment of crisis.

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