African Union

Interview – Toni Haastrup

E-International Relations • Oct 24 2019 • Features
Toni Haastrup discusses the importance of Black History Month, challenges faced by the African Union, the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, EU-AU relations and Brexit.

Online Resources – The African Union

E-International Relations • Apr 22 2018 • Online resources
A brief introduction to the African Union (AU), with links and media to further explore.

Global South Perspectives on International Relations Theory

Global South perspectives open up the possibility of different, fairer relations that represent the interests of all concerned and challenge international institutions to be more representative.

African Diplomacy and the Development of Self-Awareness

Stephen Chan • Nov 8 2017 • Articles
African diplomacy has not only come of age, but brings something new of benefit to the continent and possibly to the wider world.

The Single African Passport – Curb the Enthusiasm, Challenges Abound

Michael Asiedu • May 17 2017 • Articles
The concept of continental integration under the African Union with a single African passport comes with some merits and some challenges.

Review – Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in Africa

Stephen A. Emerson • Feb 18 2016 • Features
A valuable title that dissects and analyzes the complex phenomenon that is African terrorism and explains how certain state responses have been counter-productive.

Review – Boko Haram

Hussein Solomon • Jan 3 2016 • Features
This well-informed book explains the colonial legacy that shaped Boko Haram's historical rise, what divides North and South Nigeria and Boko Haram's impact on Africa.

Why The African Union Should Be Dismantled And Buried With Gaddafi

S.N. Sangmpam • Dec 20 2015 • Articles
Sub-Saharan Africa should be allowed to reconstitute itself into a self-sustaining, organically integrated Unifederation that can address its predicament.

A Ceremonial Ride into the Sunset for Mugabe?

Stephen Chan • Feb 12 2015 • Articles
Robert Mugabe, 91 in February 2015, assumed the chairmanship of the African Union; he may be more concerned about stage-managing his legacy than leading the continent.

Missing in Inaction: Where is the African Peace and Security Architecture?

David Chuter • Mar 19 2014 • Articles
The African Peace and Security Architecture is incapable of resolving crises as it is based on assumptions which are not only false in Africa, but false everywhere.

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