Opinion – The Limits of Humanist Ethics in the Anthropocene

Jan Pospisil • Mar 24 2020 • Articles

Anthropocene ethics evolve in a contestation between withdrawal and affirmation, and both of these logics develop in antagonisms that they cannot overcome.

Rethinking the Anthropocene as Carnivalocene

David Chandler • Apr 11 2019 • Articles

The Anthropocene is a deeply intense, material experience: a wild romp of the grotesque and the transgressive, emphasising our shared character of Earthly being.

The Barents Sea: Environment Cooperation in the Anthropocene Era

Florian Vidal • May 6 2018 • Articles

The Barents region illustrates the fate of this civilization erected from fossil resources. To some extent, it may even appear as a last stand.

‘Firepower’ and Environmental Security in the Anthropocene

Simon Dalby • Mar 1 2018 • Articles

A broader understanding of the interconnectedness of things in a dynamic biosphere where a combustion powered technosphere is rapidly expanding is essential.

Global Security in a Posthuman Age? IR and the Anthropocene Challenge

Delf Rothe • Oct 13 2017 • Articles

Subjectivity refers to a form of self-identity that is marked by a constitutive lack-of-fullness. The subject is a void in the signifying structure.

Posthuman Security and Care in the Anthropocene

Cameron Harrington • Oct 10 2017 • Articles

The Anthropocene compels us to acknowledge how security interacts with diverse lifeworlds that exist around humans, acting in ways both pacific and threatening.

Decolonising the Anthropocene: The Mytho-Politics of Human Mastery

Karsten A. Schulz • Jul 1 2017 • Articles

The Anthropocene discussion has moved beyond questions of mere geological evidence, providing the ‘natural’ foundations for the idea of human mastery over the earth.

The Spectrum of Critical Humanism(s)

Carolin Kaltofen • May 21 2016 • Articles

The current state of posthuman IR is better described as that of different, less-anthropocentric, world views – many of which do not speak to each other.

Perspectives of Global Environmental Change in the Anthropocene

Úrsula Oswald Spring • May 6 2016 • Articles

The HUGE security approach could assist in analysing the best way to reach sustainable development goals, out of which common responsibilities may offer ways forward.

Edited Collection – Environment, Climate Change and International Relations

E-International Relations • Apr 24 2016 • Features

In the wake of the 2015 Paris conference, this edited collection explores the environment as an issue of international governance and provides perspectives on the route forward.

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