Interview – Sherri Goodman

E-International Relations • Jan 24 2019 • Features
Sherri Goodman discusses climate change as a national security threat, water security, the Arctic, her career with the US Government and gives her advice to young scholars.

Interview – Sebastian Knecht

E-International Relations • Feb 23 2017 • Features
Sebastian Knecht discusses the importance of the Arctic Council, the role of NGOs in Arctic governance, and the limited impact of Obama's oil exploration moratorium.

Interview – Katarzyna Zysk

E-International Relations • Feb 11 2017 • Features
Prof. Zysk explains Russia's use of non-military means for strategic ends, its approach to world order and its neigbours, and the influence of the Trump administration.

Climate Change, Geopolitics, and Arctic Futures

Duncan Depledge • May 16 2016 • Articles
The response to climatic changes in the Arctic will be a problem of global politics as economic development in the area is shaped by environmental factors among others.

Arctic Indigenous Peoples, Climate Change Impacts, and Adaptation

Adam Stepien • Apr 10 2014 • Articles
A superficial understanding of Arctic realities, as well as simplistic responses, may lead to ineffective strategies, adverse outcomes, and copying past policy failures.

(Mis)Understanding the Arctic

Robert W. Murray • Apr 3 2014 • Articles
What is becoming clearer as Arctic political discourse continues to unfold is that IR scholarship is lagging behind in its application to actual Arctic politics.

Between a Rock and a Cold Place? NATO and the Arctic

Page Wilson • Nov 28 2013 • Articles
NATO has decided neither to retreat, nor to expand to fill the Arctic’s security governance vacuum. Instead, it will continue with its provision of collective security, and maintaining a ‘watching brief’.

Noopolitik in the Arctic

Idriss J. Aberkane and Eirin B. Haug • Oct 8 2012 • Articles
The Arctic Game is much more significant than a mere geopolitical race between a fractured NATO, Russia and China. It will reveal the maturity, or lack thereof, of all its players.

The Race that Never Was?

Robert W. Murray • Aug 20 2012 • Articles
To some, the Arctic represents the unknown, new opportunities, and the future; to others, the Arctic represents little more than a barren and frozen region that matters little in the grand scheme of world affairs.

US Ratification of UNCLOS III?

Michael Corgan • May 31 2012 • Articles
U.S. ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty will eventually happen, not for any foreseeable political change of heart, but for the all too sadly foreseeable continued disappearance of the Arctic ice in an arena in which the United States has no say - but will need one.

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