Review – Russia Abroad

Galina Bogatova • Apr 13 2020 • Features

A meaningful contribution to regionalism studies that reveals the overlooked patterns of the marginal “subordinate” states’ agency in relation to the great powers.

Review – Hunger and Fury: The Crisis of Democracy in the Balkans

Siddharth Tripathi • Sep 26 2018 • Features

Mujanović’s book outlines the crisis of democracy and failure of Western efforts to democratise the Balkan region but offers pessimism as well as hope for the future.

Europe’s Barbwire Fences: Reflections on Reporting the Refugee Crisis in Greece

Marianna Karakoulaki • Jun 24 2018 • Articles

The failure of states to protect refugees amounts to their failure to discontinue the violence created by borders. This is where a no borders politics comes as an answer.

Balkan Schrodinger’s Cat: The Case of Macedonian Democracy

Julija Brsakoska Bazerkoska • May 12 2017 • Articles

Urgent reforms on systemic rule of law issues and the restoration of freedom of expression need to occur in order to determine the future of Macedonian democracy.

A Goal at a Time: Sports and Kosovo’s Statehood

Rakshit Chopra • Sep 27 2016 • Articles

Battling the everyday struggles of a lagging economy, it is the next goal or gold medal that Kosovo greatly relies on for the dissemination of its political voice.

Review – After Ethnic Conflict

Siddharth Tripathi • Aug 18 2016 • Features

An insightful account of persisting ethnic divisions in the power-sharing institutions and broader post-conflict political context of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia.

Islam, National Identity and Choices of Faith in the Post-Communist Balkans

Arolda Elbasani • Oct 6 2015 • Articles

In the prevailing nationalist discourse any discoveries of faith raise the suspicion of a religious obscurantism, extra-territorial allegiances, or threats of terrorism.

“Pax Russica” in the Balkans: Serbia Between Myth and Reality

Eduard Abrahamyan • Apr 30 2015 • Articles

The article critically examines the misconceptions and prejudices of Russia’s political elite and ideological thinkers regarding Serbia

Peace and Reconciliation in the Balkans: Croatia vs. Serbia

Nikolina Židek • Feb 25 2015 • Articles

Reconciliation is a slow process but when there is political will, changes can occur and victims can eventually get redress through justice, truth and memory.

Rama-Vucic: A Historic Visit?

Joseph Coelho • Dec 12 2014 • Articles

Doubts about the view that current tensions in Albania-Serbia relations are based on long-standing projects of greater nation-state expansion. Such narratives are myths.

The Permanent Interim: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Ongoing Educational Crisis

Valery Perry • Oct 12 2014 • Articles

The continuation of “us” vs. “them” policies that marginalize minorities cannot bode well for a fragile country’s future. Education should be seen as a security issue.

Review – Balkan Genocides: Holocaust and Ethnic Cleansing

Melanie O'Brien • Jun 3 2014 • Features

Mojzes’ analysis of Balkan genocides of the 20th Century imparts vital facts on mass violence, but is dented by insufficient knowledge of legal frameworks.

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