Boko Haram

Interview – Adeoti Dipeolu

E-International Relations • Oct 1 2019 • Features
Adeoti Dipeolu discusses the importance of Black History Month, her current PhD research and diaspora involvement in peacebuilding and state-building.

Lake Chad: A Climate of Fragility

Any future interventions in and around Lake Chad will have to be mindful of its particular climate-fragility and these trends that are likely to shape its future.

Review – Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in Africa

Stephen A. Emerson • Feb 18 2016 • Features
A valuable title that dissects and analyzes the complex phenomenon that is African terrorism and explains how certain state responses have been counter-productive.

Review – Boko Haram

Hussein Solomon • Jan 3 2016 • Features
This well-informed book explains the colonial legacy that shaped Boko Haram's historical rise, what divides North and South Nigeria and Boko Haram's impact on Africa.

Review – Militancy and Violence in West Africa

Carl LeVan • May 2 2014 • Features
This tome convincingly shows how we must see violent extremism as a political and social phenomenon whose religious and regional variations are easily misunderstood.

The Responses of the Nigerian Defense and Intelligence Establishments to the Boko Haram Security Challenge

Osumah Oarhe • Nov 6 2013 • Articles
Nigeria is sliding into anarchy on account of the Boko Haram insurgency as the defense and intelligence establishments seem to be losing their grip on the security challenge.

Boko Haram and the Isolation of Northern Nigeria

Joseph Siegle • Nov 6 2013 • Articles
The challenges posed by Boko Haram are emblematic of an emerging security paradigm in Africa where local grievances are fused with international ideology, funding, and technology.

U.S Congress and Boko Haram

Caitlin Poling • Nov 6 2013 • Articles
It is imperative that Congress maintains its careful attention to the rise of Boko Haram and takes all steps in its power to prevent an attack on American interests abroad or the US Homeland.

The Psychological Make-up of Mohammed Yusuf

Abeeb Olufemi Salaam • Nov 4 2013 • Articles
Although much has been written about the Boko Haram movement and its insurgent activities, there has been little reporting on Ustaz Muhammad Yusuf, the founder and former leader of the group.

Why Nigeria is Not Winning the Anti-Boko Haram War

Hakeem Onapajo • Nov 3 2013 • Articles
It is only when Nigerians gain a national consensus on how to contain domestic terrorism, and drop ethnic and tribal sentiments, that there can be a meaningful solution to the Boko Haram problem.

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