Civil-military Relations

Interview – Christoph Harig

E-International Relations • Mar 14 2019 • Features

Christoph Harig discusses Brazil’s civil-military relations and its participation in MINUSTAH, his expectations for the Bolsonaro administration and trust in politicians.

Women in UN Peacekeeping: Historical and Contemporary Patterns

BD Mowell • Jul 10 2018 • Articles

As the inclusion of women among peacekeeping elements continues to expand, hopefully future research into the phenomenon will continue to emerge.

The Failed Coup in Turkey: Prolonged Conflict in the State Apparatus

Gonenc Uysal • Sep 21 2016 • Articles

Contrary to the hegemonic paradigm that has portrayed the military as an elitist institution, this paper considers civil-military relations as a field of class struggle.

The Contested Use of Force in Germany’s New Foreign Policy

Daniel Flemes and Hannes Ebert • Sep 9 2016 • Articles

Stakeholders and the German public should not shy away from the debate about the appropriate role of the use of force in Germany’s foreign and security policy.

Review – Routledge Handbook of Civil-Military Relations

Aurel Croissant • Sep 20 2013 • Features

The Handbook fills a lacuna in the civil-military relations literature by offering up-to-date empirical analyses of civil-military relations in a variety of regime types around the world.

Civil-Military Relations In the U.S: What Needs to be Done?

Douglas Stuart • Sep 13 2013 • Articles

The current situation of the U.S. civil-military relationship has problematic aspects for parties on both sides. Through active dialogue between the two comunities these issues can be addressed.

Egyptian and Syrian Civil-Military Relations

Glen Segell • Jul 18 2013 • Articles

The civil-military relations in Egypt and Syria help explain their domestic strife and the expected outcome after this ends. Both countries will face problems until these relations are resolved.

Review – Democratic Civil-Military Relations

Paul Chambers • Jul 28 2012 • Features

The demands placed on European democracies have re-prioritized values for the armed forces. This book offers a pioneering study of the challenges in democratic civil-military relations.

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