Climate Change

Political Topology in the Anthropocene: Reconsidering Political Space in Light of Covid-19

Maximilian Lakitsch • Jan 5 2021 • Articles

Humanity seems to be ill-prepared to deal with transnational challenges, whether they concern a virus or the consequences of climate change.

Opinion – Bolsonaro as Antithesis to the Green Growth Agenda

João P. Romero and Fernanda Cimini • Dec 22 2020 • Articles

In the absence of a radical overhaul of existing economic policies, it is unlikely that Brazil will be able to offer any green transformation.

Call for Contributors – Climate Change and Global Distributive Justice

Fausto Corvino and Tiziana Andina • Nov 25 2020 • Features

We seek abstracts for book chapters that help to systematise and analyse climate distributive justice, i.e. the set of normative principles that indicate how the costs and benefits should be shared.

Review – The New World Disorder and the Indian Imperative

Arenla Jamir • Sep 29 2020 • Features

This ambitious and incisive book details the changing international order and offers a succinct analysis of the state of the world today, which is now in complete flux.

COVID-19 and Online Activism: A Momentum for Radical Change?

Julie Uldam and Tina Askanius • Aug 21 2020 • Articles

Nordic climate activist groups and NGOs try to appeal to hope rather than despair as they present involvement in their tactics as a means to counter negative feelings.

Opinion – Protest, Interrupted? Climate Activism During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Luis Hestres • Aug 4 2020 • Articles

Covid-19’s impact on climate activism is obvious. How can climate activists execute a mass mobilization-based strategy in a social distancing context?

Opinion – Post-COVID-19 Climate Change Politics

Anu Unny • Jun 3 2020 • Articles

COVID-19 is a reminder of a more unequal world wherein the role of international organisations may be restricted due to the highhandedness of dominant states.

Opinion – Updating the 1951 Convention for Refugees

Somabha Bandopadhay • May 28 2020 • Articles

The 1951 Refugee Convention is required to be amended so that “climate refugees” are given a place within the gamut of the refugee law regime.

Intergenerational Justice and the Paris Agreement

James M. Nguyen • May 11 2020 • Articles

With a broad recognition of climate change as a problematic issue area, a better response needs to be developed while keeping intergenerational justice in mind.

What Can IR Learn from the Politics of Gender in the Global South?

Eduarda Lattanzi Menezes • May 6 2020 • Articles

Feminist resistance teaches how to rescue social movements beyond the imaginary of dominant structures that can aggregate new values for the international community.

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