Climate Change

Review – Lagos to Mombasa

Jorich Johann Loubser • Oct 28 2022 • Features

This podcast from the Center for Global Development is a much needed addition to the African policy field, but questions arise regarding its lack of focus on political economy.

Decolonising Conservation: Towards a Postcolonial Conservation Regime

Celine Germond-Duret • Jun 7 2022 • Articles

The post-2020 global biodiversity framework offers an opportunity to initiate a systemic change to endorse a right-based approach with Indigenous peoples as equal partners.

Agroecology, Climate Change Induced Polycrisis and the Transformation of Food Systems

Miguel A Altieri • Apr 20 2022 • Articles

Heroic efforts displayed by peasants and indigenous people represent spaces of hope against the weight of ecological breakdown and social injustice.

Review – Migrations: A World on the Move

Anna Finiguerra • Mar 20 2022 • Features

This podcast takes a look at migration from all perspectives, and how it interplays with concepts of racial justice and climate change.

The UN COP26 and ‘30 by 30’: Turning Points or More Business-As-Usual?

Mariko Frame • Mar 4 2022 • Articles

It is time to listen directly to those who are facing dispossession, loss of livelihoods, and homes, and to seek grassroots solutions,

Review – Global Reboot

Katharina Kuhn • Nov 11 2021 • Features

This podcast from Foreign Policy should inspire listeners to think big, despite its largely abstract and Western centric approach to tackling global challenges in a post-pandemic world.

Opinion – Scotland: Host of COP26 but Divided on Its Role in the World

Anthony Salamone • Nov 2 2021 • Articles

Alongside its global significance for the ongoing effort to tackle climate change, COP26 also exposes the deep divisions which shape Scottish politics.

Climate Change, Human Mobility and Feminist Political Economy

Betty Barkha • Sep 30 2021 • Articles

The responses to climate change mitigation efforts need to be targeted at not only addressing climate change impacts but also reducing gender and social inequalities.

Opinion – What Climate ‘Code Red’ Means for Africa

Mukesh Kapila • Sep 28 2021 • Articles

The relentless progression of climate change poses an existentialist threat to African peoples. It needs a Pan-African effort for which the African Union is the logical body.

Interview – Robert Falkner

E-International Relations • Sep 26 2021 • Features

Robert Falkner discusses his research on environmental norm changes, climate policy, and the role of technology in mitigating climate change.

Interview – Alan Philps

E-International Relations • Jul 21 2021 • Features

Alan Philps talks about his career in journalism, current challenges facing journalists, Britain’s role in the world, and the US approach to climate change.

Interview – Joshua Busby

E-International Relations • May 16 2021 • Features

Josua Busby talks about climate security, the role of militaries in achieving it, those most at risk from climate change, and he looks ahead to COP26.

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