Opinion – Covid-19 in Colombia: Migration, Armed Conflict and Gendered Violence

Priscyll Anctil Avoine • Jun 10 2020 • Articles
As violence is part of daily reality in several countries, the pandemic and political and economic measures should be approached differently.

Colombia: Coronavirus in a Scenario of Humanitarian Crisis

Raquel Araújo de Jesus • May 18 2020 • Articles
In Colombia coronavirus is not creating a 'new' humanitarian crisis scenario. Instead, it is adding a new layer of complexity and deepening its previous vulnerabilities.

Interview – Cécile Mouly

E-International Relations • Apr 7 2020 • Features
Cécile Mouly discusses the nature of civil resistance, mobilisation, nonviolence and peacebuilding in Latin America, ex-combatants in Colombia and mediation in Venezuela.

Building on Ruins or Patching up the Possible? Reinscribing Fieldwork Failure in IR as a Productive Rupture

Failure is produced structurally but experienced personally, and is always hard to take. All academics, by virtue of being academics, are haunted by it.

Interview – Kristina Mani

E-International Relations • Jan 13 2020 • Features
Kristina Mani discusses Latin American politics, regional issues and the role of militaries, as well as the benefits of using of films and documentaries in her work.

#ElParoNoPara: Peace, Protests, and Performances of Solidarity in Colombia

Shauna N. Gillooly • Jan 12 2020 • Articles
Colombia’s historic, ongoing protests along with systematic structural violence and positive peace continues to impact the 2016 peace accords and transitional justice.

Interview – Anne-Kathrin Kreft

E-International Relations • Nov 29 2019 • Features
Anne-Kathrin Kreft talks about the discourse and perceptions around conflict-related sexual violence and reflects on the affects of sensitive fieldwork on researchers.

Interview – Angelika Rettberg

E-International Relations • Aug 13 2019 • Features
Angelika Rettberg talks about her forthcoming book on war economies and post-war crime, the role of resources in the conflict in Colombia and the recent peace agreement.

Interview – Abbey Steele

E-International Relations • May 16 2019 • Features
Abbey Steele talks to us about the Colombian conflict, forms of displacement, the practice of 'subcontracted state-building', her fieldwork in Colombia and women in IR.

Contesting Impunity in Colombia

Laura Betancur-Restrepo and Maj Grasten • Jan 1 2019 • Articles
Impunity has been key to determining the Colombian peace process. The question remains whose perception of impunity in the context of negotiated peace will prevail?

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