Review – Communism in Pakistan: Politics and Class Activism 1947-1972

Darren Atkinson • Jul 2 2015 • Features

Kamran Asdar Ali provides superb documentary evidence and a rich detailed analysis to construct a forgotten history of class struggle and political activism in Pakistan.

Review – The Sino-Soviet Alliance: An International History

Wonhee Lee • Jun 27 2015 • Features

Jersild provides an excellent multidimensional analysis of the Beijing-Moscow relationship and valuable strategic insights which demarcate this book from earlier titles.

Interview – Santiago Zabala

E-International Relations • Mar 23 2015 • Features

Professor Zabala shares his insights on the irrelevance of nationality, the continuing relevance of Marx, and explains how Hugo Chávez bears similarities to Barack Obama.

Review – Dragon in Ambush: The Art of War in the Poems of Mao Zedong

Francis Grice • Jul 28 2014 • Features

Ingalls’ translation of Mao’s poems and thought-provoking thesis have considerable merit, but readers will benefit most by approaching it with a critical eye.

Review – China’s Development: Capitalism and Empire

Gordon Redding • Jun 6 2013 • Features

This multidisciplinary study of China’s economic reform asserts that a unique mode of capitalism will likely emerge within the state as it gradually works to overcome the strictures of communism.

Review – Mao, Stalin and the Korean War

William W. Stueck • Sep 18 2012 • Features

Through reconstruction of conversations between Soviet, Chinese, and North Korean diplomats, Shen Zhihua provides a vivid account of the origins and course of the Korean War from the Communist side.

The CCP at 90

Kerry Brown • Jun 26 2011 • Articles

The Chinese Communist Party is a unique force. None of the members who attended the first meeting would have dared imagine that less than a century later, membership would stand at 80 million, and was poised to become one of the major forces of the 21st century. The Party today is facing a new range of challenges, which are testing even its legendary capacity for adaptation and pragmatic change.

Anniversary of Eastern Europe’s bloodiest Revolution reminds of the duty to unearth secrets of the past

Aura Sabadus • Dec 20 2009 • Articles

Twenty years ago this week the Romanian revolution was making international headlines. Yet those who tortured, killed and humiliated continue to hold the power, abuse the law, and live opulent lives, without showing the slightest trace of guilt.

The development of Human Rights in Communist China

Merle Goldman • Jul 21 2009 • Articles

Since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, its Communist Party leadership has repressed dissident political views and organized political opposition. Nevertheless, today’s China is not the China during the rule of Mao Zedong (1949-1976), when people were persecuted and imprisoned not only for what they said, but for who they were.

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