Interview – Peter Matanle

E-International Relations • Jun 30 2017 • Features

Dr. Matanle explains his concept of the ‘depopulation dividend’, Japanese and Asia-Pacific resource and population strategies, and talks about some of the weaknesses in current IR teaching.

The Institutionalisation of Climate Change in Global Politics

Nina Hall • May 27 2016 • Articles

The Paris agreement was a positive step but we need continued and concerted action from civil society to decouple economic growth from greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change and International Relations

Gustavo Sosa-Nunez and Ed Atkins • Apr 11 2016 • Articles

Climate change is a global commons problem. Its causes and impacts are distributed and felt across the international system, transcending traditional boundaries and jurisdictions of nation-states.

Lessons from COP21: How the Pacific can Alter the Status Quo on Arms Trade

Laura Spano and Nathan Page • Mar 21 2016 • Articles

In our globalised world, illicit trade in small arms, transnational crime and terrorism can be facilitated by inadequate legislative controls and porous borders.

Interview – Achim Steiner

E-International Relations • Feb 7 2016 • Features

Achim Steiner discusses the outcomes of the recent Paris Climate Conference, the role of philanthropy in combating climate change, and the concept of the Anthropocene.

Paris COP21 Climate Agreement is Bound to Nothing: What is the Solution?

Graciela Chichilnisky and C. J. Polychroniou • Dec 29 2015 • Articles

The Paris COP21 climate agreement is empty of action. This could be the biggest failure of the global climate negotiations in their 21 years of existence.

Global Climate Change Policy: Will Paris Succeed Where Copenhagen Failed?

Ian M. McGregor • Nov 5 2014 • Articles

Far more needs to be done on a war footing if governments are to avoid arriving in Paris without a fair, ambitious and binding agreement, ready to finalise and sign.

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