Review – The Politics of Compassion

Eva Botella-Ordinas • Feb 26 2020 • Features
This fascinating book is a major contribution to understanding the politics of humanitarianism and citizens’ agency in the current international neo-liberal global order.

Interview – Kwame Anthony Appiah

E-International Relations • Oct 15 2019 • Features
Kwame Anthony Appiah talks about cosmopolitanism, identity, moral progress, Afrocentrism, what Black History Month means to him and gives some advice for young scholars.

Review – Kant’s International relations

Davide Orsi • Aug 31 2018 • Features
Molloy argues that Kant's writings on international politics must be understood in relation to Kant's broader philosophy which is something that devotees have neglected.

Jan Smuts, Jawaharlal Nehru and the Legacies of Liberalism

Vineet Thakur • May 18 2018 • Articles
Placing Smuts and Nehru within the broader liberal paradigm, we come to a picture that is both global and local, contextual and textual, historical and contemporary.

Interview – Ida Danewid

E-International Relations • Mar 13 2018 • Features
Ida Danewid discusses internationalism and the politics of solidarity, the 'Black Mediterranean', the Grenfell Tower fire, and diversifying and decolonising the academy.

Interview – Daniele Archibugi

E-International Relations • Sep 14 2015 • Features
Professor Archibugi answers questions on the divide between domestic politics and foreign policy, the concept of cosmopolitan democracy, and the limits of sovereignty.

Cosmopolitanism in Akkar? Why the Role of Host Families Is Significant

Helen Mackreath • May 28 2015 • Articles
Lebanese hospitality has implications for thinking about humanitarianism, the relation between communities and the state, and communities and the international

Migrant Cosmopolitanism

Thomas Nail • Apr 11 2013 • Articles
Republican cosmopolitanism is only part of cosmopolitanism—the most reactionary part. The true agents and movers of cosmopolitan history and politics have always been, and continue to be, migrants.

Assessing Cosmopolitan Theory in World Politics

Richard Beardsworth • May 27 2012 • Articles
Without systematic empirical research informing normative cosmopolitan argument, the normative cosmopolitan case in world politics will not be as persuasive as it could be.

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