The International Political Economy of Health: The Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

Mohid Iftikhar • Sep 14 2021 • Articles

For global cooperation on common threats, the complex composition of regional-multipolar systems must be considered as rising and regional powers compete for resources.

The Appeals and the Limits of Digital Education in the Post-Covid Era

Sirvan Karimi • Jul 28 2021 • Articles

Contrary to the views of its exponents, online teaching neither reduces educational costs nor enhances the learning capacity of students.

Interview – Hurricane Kimchi and Ali Zahoor

E-International Relations • Jul 9 2021 • Features

Hurricane Kimchi and Ali Zahoor talk LGBTQ+ activism and drag art in South Korea and internationally.

Interview – Zoë Windle

E-International Relations • Jun 1 2021 • Features

Zoë Windle discusses her international development work in her role at CDC, including current challenges and shifts in practice resulting from the pandemic.

Opinion – COVID-19’s Wider Impact on Mexican Society

Franco Laguna Correa • May 28 2021 • Articles

The vaccination campaign, and ultimately Covid-19 itself, have been used as an attempt to legitimize the populist governing style of the president.

Review – Pluralist Democracy in International Relations

Felix Rösch • May 16 2021 • Features

Holthaus explores the work of three British thinkers, Hobhouse, Cole, and Mitrany, and highlights their relevance to today’s democracies.

Our Fragile Bodies: Economic Change, the Nation-State and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Francisco Antonio-Alfonso • May 11 2021 • Articles

Although it is not feasible to assess the ultimate implications of COVID-19 currently, the pandemic has already revealed multiple long-term dynamics in our societies.

Broken Threads: Reshaping Multilateralism with COVID-19 under Way

Carlos Frederico Pereira da Silva Gama • May 10 2021 • Articles

Even though COVID-19 developments set states and economies further apart, a new push from the Biden administration can partially restore confidence in multilateral endeavours.

Interview – Victor Khodayar-Pardo

E-International Relations • May 10 2021 • Features

Victor Khodayar-Pardo discusses his work for the United Nations, including the organisation’s response to Covid-19, environmental issues and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Interview – Erik Jones

E-International Relations • May 6 2021 • Features

Erik Jones talks about the EU’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, multinational governance, economic disparities, and the future of European integration.

Rethinking the Body in Global Politics: Why and How?

Kandida Purnell • May 4 2021 • Articles

What is known as international relations does not come from and take place somewhere else, it happens in, to, and through every body at all times.

Opinion – The Fragile Power of Populist Leaders in a Pandemic

Mark Juergensmeyer • May 2 2021 • Articles

Neo-nationalist populist leaders do not stand up so well when crises emerge, often global in scope, that rips the cover off of their cheerful optimism.

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