The Digital Legacy of Covid-19

Ilan Manor • Apr 2 2021 • Articles

Beyond video conferencing, Covid-19’s digital legacy will also include big data modelling to narrow the distance between diplomats and stranded citizens thanks to effective prioritization.

Setting the Example? A Gendered Approach on Fighting Covid-19

Bárbara Lopes Campos • Mar 25 2021 • Articles

With more women stepping into office, and with incumbent female politicians managing to remain in power, the current global health crisis could be appeased sooner rather than later.

Interview – Ibrahim Jalal

E-International Relations • Mar 16 2021 • Features

Ibrahim Jalal sets out the challenges facing the unity government in Yemen, the UAE’s influence, and the Houthi response to the pandemic.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Growing North-South Divide

Winnie M. Makau • Mar 15 2021 • Articles

Pandemics, while indiscriminate in infections and direct consequence, have historically shown to discriminate against the most vulnerable in the short and long term.

Opinion – Covid-19 and Africa

Randolph B. Persaud and Amy Niang • Mar 4 2021 • Articles

The solution to the current pandemic is to recognize its public health status, its global nature, the urgent threat to humanity, and the superior reason of public interest.

The Pandemic and our Place in the World

Christopher Hobson • Mar 3 2021 • Articles

Viewing the pandemic as a social disaster means coming to terms with the way the disaster has reshaped people’s understanding of themselves and their world.

Interview – Bann Seng Tan

E-International Relations • Feb 7 2021 • Features

Bann Seng Tan talks to us about forms of democracy promotion through foreign aid, what makes it effective and the impact of COVID-19.

Opinion – Vaccine Nationalism and the Global Precariat

Promise Frank Ejiofor • Feb 6 2021 • Articles

Whilst those in the Global North vaccinate their way out of lockdowns, the Global South will have to suffer further restrictions and deaths for the foreseeable future.

Improving the EU Response to Pandemics: Key Lessons from Other Crisis Management Domains

Anne-Laure Beaussier and Lydie Cabane • Jan 28 2021 • Articles

COVID-19 offered an opportunity to structurally reform the instruments of the health security framework to better respond to future outbreaks.

Political Topology in the Anthropocene: Reconsidering Political Space in Light of Covid-19

Maximilian Lakitsch • Jan 5 2021 • Articles

Humanity seems to be ill-prepared to deal with transnational challenges, whether they concern a virus or the consequences of climate change.

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