Political Topology in the Anthropocene: Reconsidering Political Space in Light of Covid-19

Maximilian Lakitsch • Jan 5 2021 • Articles

Humanity seems to be ill-prepared to deal with transnational challenges, whether they concern a virus or the consequences of climate change.

The Pandemic in Brazil: Normality as Necropolitics

COVID has caused social chaos in Brazil, and a discourse of return to normality and valorization of the economy to the detriment of public health is being headed by the country’s highest authority.

Opinion – The UK’s Complicated and Contradictory COVID-19 Moment

Alexander Brotman • Dec 13 2020 • Articles

The economic recovery and global governance framework that emerges from COVID-19 will test Britain’s clout and global outlook beyond Brexit.

Overcoming the Coronavirus Debacle in the United States

Eugenie de Silva • Dec 7 2020 • Articles

The lack of importance placed on the integration of politicians, scientists and economists has led to the inadequate and inappropriate handling of the nation’s recovery.

Defence Concentration in Sovereign Industries Post-Covid-19

Yash Brambhatt • Nov 28 2020 • Articles

In order to compete with the US and China, European companies must eliminate redundancies and fratricidal competition to guarantee sovereign access to certain technologies.

Interview – Chheang Vannarith

E-International Relations • Nov 24 2020 • Features

Chheang Vannarith talks about economic and political developments in the Mekong region, China’s role, and minilateralism in Southeast Asia.

Interview – Jeremy Pressman

E-International Relations • Nov 13 2020 • Features

Jeremy Pressman discusses protest in the US and the impact of the pandemic, the counterproductive use of military force in the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Abraham Accords.

Interview – Kei Koga

E-International Relations • Nov 9 2020 • Features

Kei Koga talks about ASEAN’s role in East Asian security, Japan’s foreign policy, Shinzo Abe’s legacy, plus the impact of Covid-19.

Opinion — Less Money, More Sustainability? Foreign Aid, Civil Society, and COVID-19

Christopher L. Pallas • Oct 21 2020 • Articles

COVID-driven contractions in foreign and government funding for civil society organisations need not undermine the health of the civil society sector.

Coronavirus Conspiracies and Dis/Misinformation on the Dark Web

Lev Topor and Pnina Shuker • Oct 9 2020 • Articles

Unreliable information can make COVID-19 even more lethal as those who consume and believe it are more likely to disobey advice and regulations. 

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