Opinion — Less Money, More Sustainability? Foreign Aid, Civil Society, and COVID-19

Christopher L. Pallas • Oct 21 2020 • Articles

COVID-driven contractions in foreign and government funding for civil society organisations need not undermine the health of the civil society sector.

Coronavirus Conspiracies and Dis/Misinformation on the Dark Web

Lev Topor and Pnina Shuker • Oct 9 2020 • Articles

Unreliable information can make COVID-19 even more lethal as those who consume and believe it are more likely to disobey advice and regulations. 

NGOs and Transnational Non-State Politics

Thomas Davies • Oct 2 2020 • Articles

COVID-19 has provided new opportunities for transnational advocacy and the promotion of alternative ways of life, having brought to attention the failures of existing structures in world politics.

Opinion – University Campuses Should Be Shut Down

Stephen McGlinchey • Sep 30 2020 • Articles

Any hopes that COVID-19 would diminish by now are gone. The truth is that it will disrupt, and materially reshape, universities for at least the duration of this academic year – most likely longer.

Interview – Lev Topor

E-International Relations • Sep 28 2020 • Features

Lev Topor talks about his work on cyberspace and racism, cybersecurity and the pandemic, and the key instigators of cyber interventions.

Reflections on Naomi Klein’s Pandemic Shock Doctrine

Daniel Møller Ølgaard • Sep 15 2020 • Articles

Combining Klein’s analysis with a focus on the necropolitical dimensions of digital capitalism shows how the digital-capitalist logic relies on the exploitation of human bodies.

Opinion – Bolsonaro’s Green and Yellow Guards

Rodrigo Fracalossi de Moraes • Sep 11 2020 • Articles

The green and yellow guards are the eyes and mouths of a cultural revolution – using ordinary citizens to monitor the behaviour of people and institutions.

Opinion – COVID-19 and the Coming Crisis in America

Alexander Brotman • Sep 7 2020 • Articles

The pandemic is global but the crisis in America is homegrown. It is a reactionary and vindictive struggle for the identity and character of the nation.

Covid Nationalism

Mark Juergensmeyer • Sep 6 2020 • Articles

Populist protest against an imagined global intrusion of pandemic restrictions is largely an American phenomenon. Like the virus, it easily spreads and may become a perfect storm globally.

Interview – Gwilym David Blunt

E-International Relations • Aug 27 2020 • Features

Gwilym David Blunt discusses global poverty as a crime against humanity, the right to resist, Black Lives Matter, and how COVID-19 has shaped resistance.

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