Review – Lagos to Mombasa

Jorich Johann Loubser • Oct 28 2022 • Features

This podcast from the Center for Global Development is a much needed addition to the African policy field, but questions arise regarding its lack of focus on political economy.

Interview – Chris Ogden

E-International Relations • Oct 28 2022 • Features

Chris Ogden delves into the appeal of China’s authoritarianism, whether Western democracies have any responsibility for it, and the implications for human rights.

Crisis and the Everyday: Global Connections, Resistance and Solidarity

Mythri Prasad-Aleyamma and Debbie Samaniego • Jul 21 2022 • Articles

The contributions in this collection of articles reflect the tension between the truncated globality of the pandemic and the contradictions and conflicts that are immanent within capitalism.

The Pandemic, Migrant Essential Workers and the Global Colonial Division of Labour

Debbie Samaniego • Jul 21 2022 • Articles

Addressing these issues requires the abolition of borders, border regimes, and the colonial labour systems they sustain.

Covid in an Uneven World: Are We All in This Together

Without accounting for structural inequities, public service announcements attempted to ‘flatten lives’ much more than ‘flatten-the-curve.’

Labouring Geography: Towards World-Making Praxis in a Global Pandemic

Hannah Schling and Ben Rogaly • Jul 21 2022 • Articles

The pandemic, in its uneven impacts, revealed yet more sharply how reproduction of some modes of life occurs at the expense of others.

Covid-19’s Impact on Global Health

Mukesh Kapila • Apr 14 2022 • Student Features

The gaps and divisions created by the Covid-19 pandemic have profoundly affected international relations because everything about the origins and spread of the novel coronavirus has been contentious.

Global Health

Mukesh Kapila • Apr 12 2022 • Online resources

The idea of global health connects an individual’s private concern over their own well-being to the shared necessity to secure the health of everyone, everywhere.

Opinion – A Daunting Agenda for France’s EU Presidency

Alexander Brotman • Jan 9 2022 • Articles

Often presented as a grand strategist with outsized, grandiose ambitions, Macron’s greatest challenge may be in just containing Europe rather than expanding its powers and capabilities.

Opinion – Omicron and Navigating the New Normal with Covid-19

Alexander Brotman • Dec 24 2021 • Articles

The course of the pandemic is now a policy choice that can either be prolonged by entrenched vaccine nationalism or shortened by a focus on the collective global goodwill.

Opinion – Is International Politics Damaging South Africa’s Health?

Martin Duffy • Dec 10 2021 • Articles

It may seem good politics to play to home electorates by pulling up the drawbridge, but the economic effects are already being felt in one of the financially most unequal countries in the world.

Review – Global Reboot

Katharina Kuhn • Nov 11 2021 • Features

This podcast from Foreign Policy should inspire listeners to think big, despite its largely abstract and Western centric approach to tackling global challenges in a post-pandemic world.

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