Cuban Revolution

Interview – Dirk Kruijt

E-International Relations • Aug 15 2018 • Features

Dirk Kruijt discusses Cuba’s relationship with the Latin American Left, including it’s support for armed guerrillas, and how this policy has transformed over the decades.

Review – Cuban Revolution in America

Sean L. Malloy • Aug 4 2018 • Features

An important book that pushes studies of US radicals and transnational revolutionary connections beyond the comfortable terrain of the 1960s into the post-Cold War age.

Interview – Emily Morris

E-International Relations • Nov 4 2017 • Features

Dr. Morris discusses Cuba’s economic reforms, the impact of Trump and the Venezuelan crisis on the Cuban economy, and the transition of leadership in post-Castro Cuba.

Review – Exporting Revolution: Cuba’s Global Solidarity

Robert Huish • Oct 1 2017 • Features

While this book covers some important and fascinating issues, Randall’s mélange of mixed ideas require further clarification and deeper research of the subjects covered.

Review – Che, My Brother

Antoni Kapcia • Apr 8 2017 • Features

A useful and highly readable addition to the ‘good’ literature, which succeeds in telling us something more subtle than the tendency to one-dimensional diatribes.

Review – Cuba and Revolutionary Latin America: An Oral History

Steve Cushion • Mar 25 2017 • Features

The personal recollections in Kruijt’s book on players in revolutionary Latin America are so valuable that they eclipse the weaker explanatory, even slippery passages.

Review – A Hidden History of the Cuban Revolution

Michael J. Bustamante • Jun 25 2016 • Features

Drawing on exceptionally rare collections, Cushion’s revealing study is the first to place working people at the center of a political project forged in their name.

Review – Community and Culture in Post-Soviet Cuba

Jennifer Lambe • Jul 20 2015 • Features

An astute and thoughtful take on Cuban responses to the “special period”, this title offers tantalizing material for comparison as Cuba confronts yet another transition.

Democracy in Cuba

George Lambie • Aug 14 2013 • Articles

As the global financial crisis deepens, Cuba’s socialist experiment and its attempts to give democracy a participative social orientation may gain a global relevance in this age of uncertainty.

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