Interview – H. Akin Ünver

E-International Relations • May 21 2020 • Features
Akin Ünver discusses computational social science (CSS) and IR, his research using CSS on the Syrian Civil War, and the use of the Internet by authoritarian leaders.

How Cyberspace Changes International Conflict

P.J. Blount • Dec 8 2019 • Articles
The international system is ill equipped to create regulatory mechanisms that inhibit and control state action in Cyberspace, much less the myriad other actors that can wield such violence.

Unbordered Rights: The Geography of Cyberspace

P.J. Blount • Dec 5 2019 • Articles
World-scale political geography is shifting as new actors become mediums for power within the system, revealing complexity by adding Cyberspace onto the political geography of international space. 

Cyberspace and the Struggle to Maintain and Manage It

P.J. Blount • Dec 3 2019 • Articles
If the Internet is to be an effective tool of liberty, freedom and justice then Cyberspace must be understood not just within domestic governance frameworks, but also within the international governance system.

Reprogramming the World: Political Places

P.J. Blount • Dec 2 2019 • Articles
The geography of Cyberspace has been described as layered: a spatial geography layered with a legal geography that is layered with a political geography.

Interview – Daniel Moore

E-International Relations • Nov 11 2018 • Features
Daniel Moore talks about his PhD research on military offensive network operations, the increased weaponization of cyber capabilities and private intelligence companies.

Interview – Andreas Haggman

E-International Relations • Jun 3 2018 • Features
Andreas Haggman talks about his research on the use of tabletop wargames for cyber security education and discusses government use and defence of cyber-attacks.

Realism and Cyber Conflict: Security in the Digital Age

Anthony Craig and Brandon Valeriano • Feb 3 2018 • Articles
Cyber domain resembles an anarchical realist world with its lack of institutional governance where states fear one another and develop their capabilities in response.

Taming the ‘Wild West’: The Role of International Norms in Cyberspace

Elizabeth Thomas • Nov 13 2017 • Essays
An social constructivist analysis of emergent cyber-security norms illustrates the process of norm construction in the international security realm.

The US Response to North Korea: The Cyber Option

Matthew S. Cohen • Aug 7 2017 • Articles
Despite the dangers of a cyber response to North Korea, the US could block North Korea’s access to cyber-space and make it clear that the they were behind the attacks.

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