Remembering Darfur: The World’s Longest Running Genocide

Mukesh Kapila • Jan 27 2016 • Articles

Lack of personal responsibility is why we failed on Darfur, and the continuing lack of accountability is why we are likely to fail again elsewhere

UN Peacekeeping in Darfur: A ‘Quagmire’ That We Cannot Accept

James Sloan • Jun 3 2014 • Articles

The Security Council must move away from its policy of militarized peacekeeping in favour of doing something that may actually work in alleviating human suffering.

Lessons from a Personal Journey through the Genocide in Rwanda

Mukesh Kapila • May 15 2014 • Articles

The best way to honour those whom the international community failed in Rwanda twenty years ago is to learn the right lessons and apply them today with greater resolve.

Big Powers and the ‘Responsibility to Protect’

Barry H. Steiner • Jul 26 2012 • Articles

Great power responsibility to protect is actually bolstered when effective enforcement is unilaterally implemented despite divisions among major states.

UNSC and ICC Patern(al)ship in the Praxis of the R2P: Insights from Darfur and Libya

Jide Martyns Okeke • May 17 2012 • Articles

Questions must be raised about ostensible judicial activism and impropriety; the putative independence of the ICC in relation to the UNSC and, the direct involvement of the ICC in active conflicts especially in African states.

Dealing with Inter-Communal Violence in South Sudan

Conflict is not inevitable in South Sudan. All of the issues present in Jonglei can be addressed through enlightened government policies. While still young, the RSS may draw from lessons learned throughout the region.

Darfur and South Sudan: United in Struggle, Divided by Future?

Hagar Taha • Sep 9 2011 • Articles

There is an urge now, on a social as well as political level, to settle the Darfur question lest it eventually goes down the same route as the South. But the question here is whether Darfur can actually be compared at all with the South; is separation even an option for ending the conflict?

The Responsibility to Protect: Libya and Beyond

Alex J. Bellamy • Mar 30 2011 • Articles

Whilst Libya is no doubt important, it is but the tip of the iceberg. In the long run, timely and decisive action such as the international action in Libya will continue to be a recurrent but painful necessity. Yet, we will make most progress towards a world without mass atrocities by reducing the number of cases that become so acute and preventing crises from escalating to the point of imminent catastrophe.

The Challenge of Sisyphus and post-referendum Southern Sudan

Alasdair McKay • Mar 3 2011 • Articles

There is an intense sense of Sisyphean angst concerning the challenges facing Southern Sudan. With a reasonably fertile land, a young population, and plentiful resources Southern Sudan has the raw materials to build a successful nation, but only if it receives the support it requires.

Sudan, Terrorism, and the Obama Administration

Eric Reeves • Feb 24 2011 • Articles

Terror in the west of Sudan is far from concluded. Following the celebration of an apparently successful referendum for South Sudan, we should not forget the deals the Obama administration was obliged to cut so that voting could take place as scheduled, and what further deals will be required going forward to ensure the secession vote is respected by the Khartoum regime.

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