Discourse Analysis

Interview – Lene Hansen

E-International Relations • Jul 12 2018 • Features
Prof. Lene Hansen discusses securitization scholarship, developments in discourse analysis, and the role of images and the 'visual turn' in International Relations.

Review – The Politics of Subjectivity in American Foreign Policy Discourses

Stephen Michael Christian • Jun 4 2017 • Features
Intriguing throughout, this book is an excellent introduction for students interested in how psychoanalytic ideas and emotions are applicable to international politics.

Barbarism and What is to be Done: Reforming Discourse in the Classroom

Daniel Clausen • May 26 2017 • Articles
The potential barbarism of discourse in future classrooms is discussed along with ways to promote civilisation amongst divergent students.

Symbolic Violence and Post-election USA: A Parable

Patricia J. Sohn • Mar 16 2017 • Articles
The extraordinary degree of diversity in the US population can be managed with narratives and terms of discourse that lead to discontent and upheaval, or to pluralism.

Review – Russia and the Idea of Europe

Maureen Perrie • Mar 9 2017 • Features
Neumann’s book provides a well informed survey of Russian intellectual history over the last two centuries and stimulating insights into Russians’ perceptions of Europe.

Review – Turkey’s Kurdish Question: Discourse and Politics Since 1990

Özlem Kayhan Pusane • Jul 24 2016 • Features
A rich analysis of the discursive construction of the Kurdish question within the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT), US Congress, and European Parliament.

Perspectives for Russia’s Future: The Case for Narrative Analysis

Edwin Bacon • May 15 2015 • Articles
In relation to Russia, the scenario of authoritarian stability and global power alongside economic decline and consumer dissatisfaction is a pertinent one.

Vladimir Putin: Making of the National Hero

Elena Chebankova • Apr 23 2015 • Articles
The secret of Putin’s success is his ability to recreate a narrative of the Russian structure in the new form and embrace the search for self-rediscovery of the society.

What It Means to Say “Crisis” in Politics and Law

Laura Henderson • Mar 5 2014 • Articles
Crisis discourse creates a rupture and can lead to hegemonic change. It not only affects politicians, but also has to do with the judiciary and law.

Egypt’s Crisis and Its Polarised Narratives

Elizabeth Iskander Monier • Aug 30 2013 • Articles
How a crisis is simplified and framed can say a lot about the strategic choices being made by certain actors, as can be seen from the polarised narratives arising out of Egypt’s crisis.

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