International Women’s Day Interviews

E-International Relations • Mar 8 2020 • Features
To celebrate International Women's Day we asked some of our former interviewees what we can do to forge a gender equal discipline.

International Women’s Day Interviews

E-International Relations • Mar 8 2019 • Features
To celebrate International Women's Day we asked former interviewees whether they think the discipline of IR has made important strides to equally incorporate women.

J’accuse! The Case for Pre-modernism, or, the Rural-urban Divide

Patricia J. Sohn • Jan 25 2019 • Articles
It is argued that modernization is a bankrupt theory that has caused more harm than good on the human level.

10th Anniversary Interview – Melanie Richter-Montpetit

E-International Relations • Dec 5 2017 • Features
Dr Melanie Richter-Montpetit reflects on what books, or other media, published in the last 10 years has made the most impact on the discipline of International Relations.

10th Anniversary Interview – Cynthia Enloe

E-International Relations • Dec 4 2017 • Features
To celebrate E-IR’s 10th anniversary we asked some of our existing interviewees two further questions reflecting on the last decade in International Relations.

Fostering Inclusion in a Diverse Classroom

Jan Lüdert and Katriona Stewart • Oct 30 2017 • Articles
Teaching students from a range of nationalities and cultures results can be rich and rewarding, yet it is not without difficulties.

Multiculturalism at the Crossroads: Learning Beyond the West

Marc Woons • Jun 27 2017 • Articles
The goal of multiculturism is to improve on peace, tolerance, and respect across differences whether small or great no matter where one begins or where one is going.

Review – International Order in Diversity

Nathan Sears • Mar 28 2017 • Features
Though an empirically intriguing and entertaining read, Phillips and Sharman's book falls short on theory and contains fallacious historical investigation.

Symbolic Violence and Post-election USA: A Parable

Patricia J. Sohn • Mar 16 2017 • Articles
The extraordinary degree of diversity in the US population can be managed with narratives and terms of discourse that lead to discontent and upheaval, or to pluralism.

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