Donald Trump

Opinion – Bad Omens for America after Liz Cheney’s Defeat

Alexander Brotman • Aug 21 2022 • Articles

The perception of the US as a two-party system with only one party committed to democracy and the other engaged in the maintenance of an anti-democratic regime has severe repercussions globally.

Interview – Saloni Kapur

E-International Relations • Jun 10 2021 • Features

Saloni Kapur explains how an English School appoach enhances our understanding of security, the implications of dehumanising terrorists, and regional cooperation on countering terrorism in South Asia.

Realist Perspectives on Trump’s Illiberal Counterrevolution

Petar Popović • Mar 25 2021 • Articles

What Trump achieved in his four years as president was to expose the hypocrisy of Liberal hegemony and mark a new era of ideas and practices that have yet to be internalized.

Opinion – The Path Beyond Trump in US Human Rights Policies

Andreas Yiannaros • Jan 11 2021 • Articles

Biden’s election provides an opportunity for the United States to begin along the path of restoring trust in its global human rights response and influence.

Review – The Far Right Today

Hüseyin Pusat Kildiş • Dec 16 2020 • Features

Mudde’s book presents a detailed account of the fourth wave of far right politics and considers a range of examples that look beyond stereotypes.

Overcoming the Coronavirus Debacle in the United States

Eugenie de Silva • Dec 7 2020 • Articles

The lack of importance placed on the integration of politicians, scientists and economists has led to the inadequate and inappropriate handling of the nation’s recovery.

Opinion – Is the Next Middle East War on the Horizon?

Glen Segell • Dec 4 2020 • Articles

The assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh amidst high profile Israeli-Saudi diplomacy may be omens for escalation in the Middle East.

Making Sense of the 2020 US Election

Julie Norman • Nov 10 2020 • Articles

After months of divisive campaigning and days of arduous counting, Americans and the international community can view this election as one that has affirmed rather than degraded democracy.

Opinion – Bidenomics: US Trade Policy under a Biden Presidency

Holger Janusch • Oct 15 2020 • Articles

While we can expect changes in the negotiation approach if Biden should be elected president, US trade policy will not go back to ‘business as usual’.

Opinion — US Policies towards Latin America: What to Expect from the November Elections

Rafael R. Ioris • Oct 13 2020 • Articles

US involvements with Latin America are certain to remain tied to an agenda of national security concerns, despite the electoral result.

Trump’s ‘Personalised’ North Korea Policy: 2018–2020 and the Way Forward

Angana Guha Roy • Sep 8 2020 • Articles

A fourth Trump-Kim Summit meeting ahead of the US elections appears unlikely, as does progress towards reaching a balanced agreement.

Interview – Salvador Santino Fulo Regilme

E-International Relations • Aug 8 2020 • Features

Salvador Regilme talks about Covid-19, Trump, Biden, and multilateralism in relation to US foreign policy, as well as the current state of the human rights regime.

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