Donald Trump

Opinion – 2020’s Dawn: Coronavirus, Natural Disasters and Political Insecurity

Emrah Atar • Feb 1 2020 • Articles

2020’s issues have political and social elements that could be solved with concerted efforts over public health, climate change and diplomacy.

Trump’s US-China Trade War and America’s International Place

Hamid Elyassi • Jan 16 2020 • Articles

If the MAGA doctrine results in introversion in America, it may find itself a nation with a great future behind it.

Opinion – The Iranian Regime’s Future Post Soleimani

Aditya Raj • Jan 15 2020 • Articles

It is the perfect time for a transition of power in Iran but this time the United States should work on it in a peaceful manner, unlike in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hegemony and Diversity in the ‘Liberal International Order’: Theory and Reality

Amitav Acharya • Jan 14 2020 • Articles

Global power shifts, anti-globalization sentiments and the rise of populist leaders highlight a crisis in the ‘hegemony-diversity gap’ at the heart of the liberal order.

The Afghan Peace Talks, China, and the Afghan Elections

Grant Farr • Dec 23 2019 • Articles

As the United States pulls back from international commitments, and Afghanistan continues to be internally unstable, China is glad to step in.

Opinion – Trump’s Effective China Strategy

Ariel Shangguan • Dec 23 2019 • Articles

Trump may not be a ‘stable genius’, but when it comes to China, he might well have the most effective foreign policy of all the U.S. presidents of the last thirty years.

Opinion – What the US Exit from the Paris Accords Means for Women

Katelyn Jones and Rashelle Brownfield • Dec 6 2019 • Articles

Instead of turning our backs on women climate refugees, the US should intentionally welcome and support them.

The Ukraine-Russia War: Five Cutting Edge Books

E-International Relations • Nov 13 2019 • Articles

Since the events of 2013, E-IR has published 5 open access books covering the crisis from a wide range of angles and viewpoints, with contributions from almost 40 leading scholars.

Change of Players, Change of Game: How States Got Left Behind on Climate Change

Charlotte Hulme • Nov 5 2019 • Articles

Climate change may be a unique transnational risk, but how non-national actors are responding to it offers general lessons for our understanding of global politics.

Review Feature – The US Foreign Policy Consensus in Crisis

Richard W. Coughlin • Oct 9 2019 • Features

Richard Coughlin analyses Kagan and Walt’s decade old debate on IR theory, the clash between realism and liberalism and how it ties into modern politics in the Trump era.

Review – The Empty Throne: America’s Abdication of Global Leadership

Scott Lucas • Sep 10 2019 • Features

Daalder and Lindsay’s book critiques the loss of US leadership under Trump but fails to break new ground or present a clear account of what leadership is or should be.

Right-wing Populism and the Attack on Cooperative International Security

Matthew LeRiche and Friedrich W. Opitz • Aug 23 2019 • Articles

When policies can be framed about the security of the foreigner at the expense of the local or domestic, populists and right-wing opportunists can take advantage.

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