Interview – Bryan Caplan

E-International Relations • Oct 8 2022 • Features

Bryan Caplan talks about terrorists as rational actors and government responses to terrorism, plus the benefits and challenges of an open borders policy.

Interview – Chris Blattman

E-International Relations • Jul 27 2022 • Features

Chris Blattman discusses the causes and unlikeliness of armed conflict and how it can be avoided.

Interview – Rubens Ricupero

E-International Relations • Dec 20 2020 • Features

Former Minister and Secretary General of UNCTAD, Rubens Ricupero, discusses Brazilian foreign policy and diplomacy, today’s environmental agenda, and the Real Plan.

Review – The Value of Everything

Brianna Nicole Hernandez • May 14 2020 • Features

With an eclectic view on the economy, Mazzucato constructs a complex configuration of value creation beyond the tangible.

Interview – Adam Fabry

E-International Relations • Apr 16 2020 • Features

Adam Fabry talks about his book and research on Hungary, including economic and political changes, the origins of the far-right and alternative forms of resistance.

Interview – Ravi Neelakantan

E-International Relations • Mar 15 2020 • Features

Ambassador Ravi Neelakantan talks about the concept of good governance, digital freedom, India’s lack of a ‘grand strategy’, its economic ties and regional partnerships.

Interview – John M. Kirk

E-International Relations • Feb 26 2020 • Features

John M. Kirk discusses the new constitution in Cuba, the country’s shifting relationships in the region, US-Cuban relations, and the alleged ‘sonic attacks’ on diplomats.

Interview – Leonardo Martinez-Diaz

E-International Relations • Feb 6 2020 • Features

Leonardo Martinez-Diaz discusses sustainable finance, actionable data and how communities and governments can strengthen their resilience and prepare for climate change.

Review – The Economic Consequences of the Peace

John Hawkins • Dec 13 2019 • Features

The centenary edition of Keynes’ classic text is still a worthwhile read today, highlighting that Europe’s future relies on its cooperation.

Migration Governance: Between Skills Needs and Social Constraints

Reem Saeed • Nov 6 2019 • Articles

The UAE needs a new migration governance framework as the present policy leads to an increased gap between shifting the economy and labour market productivity.

Interview – Nayan Chanda

E-International Relations • Sep 5 2019 • Features

Nayan Chanda discusses the US-China trade war, its repercusions, and parallels with US-Japan relations in the 1980s, as well as the current backlash against globalization.

‘A Union that Strives for More’: Von der Leyen’s All-inclusive EU Narrative

Revecca Pedi and Areti Vasmada • Sep 5 2019 • Articles

VdL’s ‘all-inclusive’ EU Narrative reflects the circumstances under which she was elected. Yet, it also mirrors the complexities of our era and those of the EU itself.

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