Opinion – The Hypocrisy of the UK Government’s Plans for Girl’s Education in the Global South

Keya Khandaker • Jul 19 2021 • Articles

Girls‘ education is instrumentalised to mask deep financial cuts for aid agencies and shift the burden of responsibility.

Review – The Cult of Smart

Kyle L. Chong • May 25 2021 • Features

Fredrik deBoer’s book presents a progressive vision for the future of education however it fails to address educational inequality.

Opinion – In Defense of U.S. Education and Cultural Programs

Daniel Bottomley • Feb 15 2021 • Articles

By no means are education programs panaceas to reestablishing U.S. persuasive preeminence, but they are small steps in making America respected again.

The Rise of Anti-Intellectualism in light of the AKP’s Education Policy

Çağlar Ezikoğlu • Feb 10 2018 • Articles

One of the most important results of this strategy is to transform the educational policy of Turkey under AKP rule in the light of anti-intellectualism.

Colonialism: Why Write Back?

George Sefa Dei and Chizoba Imoka • Jan 3 2018 • Articles

European knowledge conception of development needs to be brought down from its high global pedestal and put alongside other sidelined, non-European knowledge systems.

Fostering Inclusion in a Diverse Classroom

Jan Lüdert and Katriona Stewart • Oct 30 2017 • Articles

Teaching students from a range of nationalities and cultures results can be rich and rewarding, yet it is not without difficulties.

Do Contemporary Practices of Schooling Reinforce Colonial Relations of Power?

Elena Mather • Oct 3 2017 • Essays

Contemporary practices of schooling reflect ethnocentrism as universal truth, reinforcing power relations that resulted from colonial rule by maintaining binaries.

Discussion Roles Transform College Asynchronous Talk

Cheryl Hancock • Dec 12 2016 • Articles

Discussion roles provide a tremendous learning and critical thinking advantage for entry level online students looking to become comfortable responding in discussion.

Teaching International Relations in India: From Pedagogy to Andragogy

Deepshikha Shahi • Oct 29 2016 • Articles

The overall intellectual contribution of Indian IR to Global IR is not proportionate to the visible growth concerning its institutional and thematic grounds.

The Declining Value of Vocational Programs in China

Donald Guadagni • Jun 13 2016 • Articles

These alternatives to traditional education have failed to modernize themselves and adapt to rapidly changing economic and employment sector needs.

One Mature Student Success Story among Many

Marcela Ganea • May 4 2016 • Articles

Adults can feel frustrated when going back into education and tend to overlook their own experiences, when these can be their best asset in their studies.

Education and Extremism: “Fundamental British Values” in the Classroom

Kieran Ford • Apr 25 2016 • Articles

That a government-endorsed set of values is undemocratic may come as no surprise. The fact that it has gone unchallenged should come as a grave concern.

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