George W Bush

Analysing the Bush Doctrine Through Carl Schmitt’s Concept of the Political

Bailey Schwab • Oct 31 2022 • Articles

Politics, within liberal states, has often expressed the illiberal friend-enemy distinction with intensity to justify the centralisation of executive power.

The PNAC (1997–2006) and the Post-Cold War ‘Neoconservative Moment’

Pierre Bourgois • Feb 1 2020 • Articles

The PNAC represented the post-Cold War neoconservative moment, and played a vital role in the intellectual revival of neoconservatism during the second half of the 1990s.

George H.W. Bush and International Relations: A World in Motion After the Berlin Wall

Carlos Frederico Pereira da Silva Gama • Jul 14 2019 • Articles

The Bush years were marked by economic competition with rising Asian powers (Japan) and renewed institutional investments in Latin America after re-democratization.

Review – The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth

Luke Cooper • Jul 4 2019 • Features

Mandelbaum’s book is an analytically flawed, contradictory and unconventional piece of realist scholarship that considers the instability of the post-Cold War period.

Interview – David Rothkopf

E-International Relations • May 16 2016 • Features

David Rothkopf elaborates on new journalism and discusses how fear has pervaded American politics since 9/11, the Obama Doctrine, and the ascendancy of Donald Trump.

Smart Threats and Success in WTO Dispute Settlement: The Bush Steel Tariffs

Michael Jacobs • Mar 24 2016 • Articles

Settling trade disputes within the WTO is an interesting process that contains aspects of legalism, power politics, and domestic politics.

Anger, the Race for the Presidency and US Foreign Policy

Harvey M. Sapolsky • Feb 21 2016 • Articles

Trump’s lack of knowledge of foreign policy will draw the most attention for fear of him assuming command of America’s powerful and complex security apparatus.

Interview – David Frum

E-International Relations • Dec 2 2015 • Features

David Frum discusses the need for a welfare state post 2008-09 economic crisis, left and right populism and the Republican Party’s future for the upcoming 2016 election.

The Strange Politics of 2016 US Foreign Policy

Harvey M. Sapolsky • May 3 2015 • Articles

The center of US foreign policy is to the right of Obama post bin Laden and to the left of George W. Bush. That is where you will find the leading candidates for 2016.

The Umbrella: Bodies, Deportment and Geopolitics

Klaus Dodds • Oct 10 2014 • Articles

The role of objects in world politics continues to deserve our attention, including the ways in which human and non-human agency combine to re-engineer the umbrella.

Review – Securitization and the Iraq War

Jarrod Hayes • Jan 15 2014 • Features

Donnelly’s analysis of the Iraq War contributes 2 important ideas – that security is not a static concept & securitizing actors operate within an evolving system of rules.

War in Syria: The Proxy Element

Paul Rogers • Jul 4 2013 • Articles

While there is a strong element of a proxy war behind the fighting in Syria, the forces and interests involved are best understood in terms of inter-state relations going back more than a decade.

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