Africa’s COVID-19 Exceptionalism? Same Problems, Different Locations

Robert L. Ostergard, Jr. • Jun 26 2020 • Articles
The virus is hitting African states head-on, but disproportionately, providing lessons for other states about pandemic response – both positive and negative.

Review – Volunteer Tourism in the Global South

Cori Jakubiak • Sep 21 2015 • Features
Examining our attachments to ethical consumption practices such as volunteer tourism, Vrasti's book sheds light on its links to capitalism and neoliberal subjectivity.

Review – Militancy and Violence in West Africa

Carl LeVan • May 2 2014 • Features
This tome convincingly shows how we must see violent extremism as a political and social phenomenon whose religious and regional variations are easily misunderstood.

Raising the Bar on Chocolate: Cocoa Farmers in Ghana Shape the Future

Pauline Tiffen • Jul 3 2010 • Articles
In 1993 Ghana initiated the partial liberalisation of its most significant economic export, cocoa beans. Having resisted World Bank pressure to liberalise fully, the Cocoa Marketing Board retained its monopoly on exports through the Cocoa Marketing Company. It thus sustained its farm-to-port quality control system of every sack and its authority to determine the terms of trade

Solidarity manifest in Urban Ghana

Peter Brett • Nov 16 2007 • Articles
‘We believe in sharing, and we want what our God has put in us to be seen’. The entire group nods in agreement with the words of William Mensah, founder of the Pace Setters youth group. Arriving late he is the last member to take a seat in the dimly lit schoolroom that is the group’s regular Sunday afternoon meeting place. His audience comprises around twenty inhabitants, all in their early twenties, of Sukura, an impoverished suburb of the Ghanaian capital Accra. Set up last year to combat a perceived growth of social problems in the area, the group has already become renowned locally for its zeal and effectiveness.

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