Hassan Rouhani

The Election of President Rouhani: Iran’s Economy & Security

Satgin Hamrah • Jul 18 2017 • Articles

Rouhani’s re-election in Iran means the continuation of his reform process, reaffirmation of international partnerships and the development of new partnerships.

Rouhani’s Second Mandate: What to Expect?

Vittorio Felci • May 25 2017 • Articles

The battle for development will not end with the recent electoral round in Iran. It is going to be the main field of contention between the government and the opposition.

Interview – Ali G. Scotten

E-International Relations • Mar 22 2016 • Features

Ali G. Scotten discusses the significance of the Iranian nuclear deal, Iran’s changing relations with the US, and the political split between reformers and hardliners.

Strategic Narratives and Iranian Foreign Policy into the Rouhani Era

Edward Wastnidge • Mar 10 2016 • Articles

Rouhani is more of a pragmatic moderate in the mould of former President Hashemi-Rafsanjani, and his approach has the blessing of the Supreme Leader Khamenei.

Iran’s Execution Spike under Rouhani: Who Is Pulling the Chairs?

Sajjad Safaei • Jan 26 2015 • Articles

The closer we get to the deadline for a final nuclear deal, its most fervent opponents will frantically flail their arms in a last ditch attempt to stay relevant.

Iran, the SCO and Major Geo-strategic Shifts in a Post-Ahmadinejad Era

Hossein Aghaie Joobani • Sep 24 2013 • Articles

The prospects for Iranian membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are likely to improve following the Iranian election. But, the move might be costly for Iran.

The Election of Hassan Rouhani: A New Dawn for Women’s Rights in Iran?

Haideh Moghissi • Aug 22 2013 • Articles

Can Iranian women secure a breathing space, even within the most limiting conditions inherent in their totalitarian religious state, to claim their humanity and rights?

Iran’s Moderate Moment: The Leader Just Let It Go

Maysam Behravesh • Jul 7 2013 • Articles

The election of Hassan Rouhani gave a new lease of life to the Islamic Republic with a guarantee that its foundational structures will remain unchallenged for the years to come.

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