Historical Sociology

Review – War, Survival Units, and Citizenship

Siniša Malešević • Nov 4 2022 • Features

Kaspersen’s book demonstrates the need for a wider debate on state formation and warfare, moving beyond neo-bellicist theories, but the proposed framework proves less convincing.

Interview – Tristen Naylor

E-International Relations • Dec 23 2019 • Features

Tristen Naylor considers the English School research agenda, his theory of ‘international social closure’, global governance, and fieldwork at the G20 and G7.

Anatomies of Revolution

George Lawson • Aug 6 2019 • Articles

Revolutions have existed throughout human history, their greatest impact has been felt under modernity – the configuration of political, economic and symbolic processes.

Interview – Julian Go

E-International Relations • Aug 10 2017 • Features

Prof. Go discusses social theory, the need for a ‘third wave’ of postcolonial thought, the dangers of American exceptionalism and identifies the patterns of empire.

Interview – Fawaz A. Gerges

E-International Relations • Aug 3 2015 • Features

Professor Gerges discusses Islam and nationalism, the way the Muslim Brotherhood contributed to radicalisation, and explains grassroots activism after the Arab Spring.

Historical Sociology and International Relations: The Question of Genocide

Martin Shaw • May 5 2013 • Articles

A historically framed IR, informed by a historical-sociological perspective, not only enriches IR theory but also helps to understand questions of transformation and phenomenon such as genocide.

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