Humanitarian Intervention

The Responsibility to Protect Has Turned into a Strategic Mistake

Dan G. Cox and Bruce Stanley • Oct 1 2018 • Articles

R2P has become a strategic conundrum that is being abused by powerful nations to further their own self-interest while it could become a drain on other economies.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Harvey M. Sapolsky • Sep 9 2018 • Articles

European Allies must decide whether or not to honor America as a global intervener by naming the new NATO headquarters building after John McCain.

Interview – Emma Sky

E-International Relations • Jun 26 2018 • Features

Former advisor to the US military in Iraq, Emma Sky, talks about her views on foreign intervention, US foreign policy, elections in Iraq and the two-state solution.

Humanitarian Interventionism Is Dead, Long Live Humanitarian Interventionism

Robert Mason • Nov 3 2017 • Articles

The consequences of poorly implemented measures can be dire so it’s not just a Responsibility to Protect but a Responsibility to Implement Effective Policy.

Protecting People

Alex J. Bellamy • Jan 15 2017 • Articles

The world is more likely to respond to human protection crises today than it once was, but as Syria shows we are nowhere close to solving the problem of human insecurity.

The Contested Use of Force in Germany’s New Foreign Policy

Daniel Flemes and Hannes Ebert • Sep 9 2016 • Articles

Stakeholders and the German public should not shy away from the debate about the appropriate role of the use of force in Germany’s foreign and security policy.

R2P and the Normative Accountability of the UN Security Council

Gehan Gunatilleke • Sep 9 2016 • Articles

The legality of a particular military intervention depends on whether the UNSC sanctions it. Yet, no normative framework governs the UNSC decision-making in this regard.

Back to Basics: Humanitarian Action and Accountability to Affected Populations

Ana Mosneaga • Jul 11 2016 • Articles

Getting to know the crisis-affected communities better may help to remember that they are the very raison d’être for the humanitarian action.

The Role of Independent Volunteers in Humanitarian Crises

Izabela Pereira Watts • Jun 29 2016 • Articles

Independent volunteers play a key role in humanitarian crises yet there is no such thing as “true independence” when the reality is feelings of frustration and futility.

Review – Humanitarian Business

Kai Chen • Apr 3 2016 • Features

Humanitarian Business explores some of the most critical characteristics of humanitarian action in ever-changing contexts, and richly deserves the praise it has received.

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