Interview – Katerina Dalacoura

E-International Relations • Apr 20 2021 • Features

Katerina Dalacoura considers civilisational and ideological developments in the MENA region, particularly in Turkey, as well as non-Western IR and the challenges of fieldwork.

Review – Capital et idéologie

Torbjørn L. Knutsen • Jan 16 2020 • Features

An impressive tome that seeks to explain the legitimizing ideologies which are used to justify the unequal distribution of wealth and income both historically and today.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: ‘Isms’ Are Evil. All Hail the ‘Isms’!

Alex Prichard • Aug 8 2019 • Student Features

Students of politics can’t dismiss the isms before acquiring an understanding about what they are rejecting.

Interview – Mike Martin

E-International Relations • Mar 21 2019 • Features

Mike Martin discusses his career in the British Army and risk management, recent negotiations between the US and the Taliban, and the importance of ideology in conflict.

Cold War Theories, War on Terror Practices

Edwin Daniel Jacob • Oct 18 2018 • Articles

Old reference points no longer hold in an age marked by transnational security threats that do not align with traditional security frameworks.

Is Trump the New Multicultural Internationalist?

Patricia J. Sohn • Jul 21 2017 • Articles

It is time for the Democrats to look at themselves in the mirror. Vanity, thy name is corruption. 

Review – Neoliberalism: The Key Concepts

Patrick Clairzier • May 15 2017 • Features

An indispensable reference work which provides an in-depth contextual frame for the origins and interrelationship of key terms associated with neoliberalism.

Review – Boko Haram

Hussein Solomon • Jan 3 2016 • Features

This well-informed book explains the colonial legacy that shaped Boko Haram’s historical rise, what divides North and South Nigeria and Boko Haram’s impact on Africa.

Review – Jihadi Culture on the World Wide Web

Anne Stenersen • Jun 1 2014 • Features

Ramsay’s analysis of online jihadi culture challenges current assumptions about this phenomenon and examines its limited translation to real world violence.

Doctrinal War

Mona Kanwal Sheikh • Jan 15 2014 • Articles

New approaches to diplomacy and conflict resolution are warranted in order to break security dilemmas that are simultaneously upheld by fear and the assertion of hardened doctrines.

Review – Churchill and Finland

Keith Olson • Jun 7 2013 • Features

Through an in depth examination of the Winston Churchill’s relationship with Finland, Markku Ruotsila explains Churchill’s geostrategic interests as well as his anticommunist ideology.

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