Opinion – Looking Behind the Delimitation Exercise in Jammu and Kashmir

Maqsood Hussain • Dec 31 2021 • Articles

The latest developments will enable Modi’s ruling BJP to form a government in the state with the support of any convenient party.

Why India Needs a Gender Policy for its Armed Forces

Kiran Chauhan • Nov 23 2021 • Articles

The impediments to women’s integration in the Indian military are rooted in gender biases and specific constructs of femininities and masculinities.

Interview – Sankaran Krishna

E-International Relations • Nov 22 2021 • Features

Sankaran Krishna discusses decolonising the university, post- and decolonial approaches to research, democracy in India, and cricket.

Interview – Shivshankar Menon

E-International Relations • Nov 18 2021 • Features

Shivshankar Menon talks about Sino-Indian relations, Indian foreign policy, the Belt and Road Initiative, and national boundaries in South Asia.

Opinion – Indian Politics in the Age of Neoliberalism

Yanis Iqbal • Oct 16 2021 • Articles

Indian politics needs to reject electoral objectification – the conversion of subalterns into electoral objects that are identical with all the other objects, differing from them only by their serial number.

Review – Citizenship

Rizal Buendia • Sep 7 2021 • Features

Kochenov’s provocative book assesses the concept and practice of citizenship, which he contends has always, in essence, been racist.

Interview – Chitralekha Zutshi

E-International Relations • Aug 28 2021 • Features

Chitralekha Zutshi talks about the making of Kashmiri identity, the Kashmir conflict, and the significance of recent constitutional changes made by the BJP.

Interview – Manan Ahmed

E-International Relations • Aug 24 2021 • Features

Manan Ahmed discusses colonial epistemes, Hindustan, memory and Partition, and decolonising the university.

Opinion – #arrestlucknowgirl: A Reminder of India’s Postcolonial Desire to Control Women

Ankita Rathour • Aug 18 2021 • Articles

We should begin engaging with postcolonial Indian feminist consciousness by denouncing violence strongly without universalizing a stand-alone issue.

75 Years Post-Independence, India’s Tryst with Fear

Ajay Gudavarthy • Aug 13 2021 • Articles

India’s independence is marked by an absence of freedom for swathes of its dispossessed population – a society where violence is so complete that it is almost invisible.

Opinion – A Feminist Foreign Policy for India: Where to Turn?

Khushi Singh Rathore • Aug 6 2021 • Articles

One can find various forms of feminist consciousness rooted in anti-imperial political thought and an early blueprint of what is today called feminist foreign policy.

Interview – Ajay Gudavarthy

E-International Relations • Jun 6 2021 • Features

Ajay Gudavarthy talks about Indian politics, including the state of its democracy, secular sectarianism, militant left-wing politics, right-wing populism, the politics of a post-civil society, and the Farmers’ Protests.

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