Interview – Ajay Gudavarthy

E-International Relations • Jun 6 2021 • Features

Ajay Gudavarthy talks about Indian politics, including the state of its democracy, secular sectarianism, militant left-wing politics, right-wing populism, the politics of a post-civil society, and the Farmers’ Protests.

Opinion – How Formidable is the Rightward Shift in India?

Ajay Gudavarthy • Apr 17 2021 • Articles

The claim to a common Hindu identity allowed the BJP to offer more representation to subaltern castes, yet argue they are above caste and community.

The Battle for Bengal: Regional Resonance

Indrajit Roy • Apr 7 2021 • Articles

The results of the West Bengal elections are likely to impact not only its own 100 million population, but also the 163 million people inhabiting neighbouring Bangladesh.

Review – US Strategy in the Asian Century: Empowering Allies and Partners

Eerishika Pankaj • Mar 31 2021 • Features

Denmark’s timely book includes a full assessment of US allies and partners and proposes logical strategic shifts necessary for the US in response to a rising China.

Opinion – Populism and Rhetoric Amidst the Farmers’ Protest in India

Ajay Gudavarthy • Feb 20 2021 • Articles

Despite smear campaigns, it looks difficult to reclaim a ubernationalist discourse against the authentically local and indigenous farmers.

The Role of the Maldives in the Indo-Pacific Security Space in South Asia

Athaulla A. Rasheed • Feb 9 2021 • Articles

Despite the Maldives being a small island state, it can influence regional power dynamics concerning India and China.

In the Shadow of Sanctions? US–India Relations and the S-400 Purchase

Aniruddha Saha • Jan 29 2021 • Articles

If the Biden administration were to invite sanctions, this would roll back diplomatic progress and set back the US aim of using India as a counter-weight against Chinese ambitions.

US Sanctions against Iran and Their Implications for the Indo-Pacific

Gabriel Honrada and Daniyal Ranjbar • Dec 15 2020 • Articles

Sanctions against Iran pose a dilemma for India and a significant challenge for Iran’s foreign policy, especially in the latter’s strategic partnership with India.

From Militancy to Stone Pelting: The Vicissitudes of the Kashmiri Freedom Movement

Sarmad Ishfaq • Oct 27 2020 • Articles

Amidst a breakdown in relations over Kashmir, signs are pointing towards another war between Pakistan and India.

The Irrelevance of Soft Power

Ilan Manor and Guy J. Golan • Oct 19 2020 • Articles

The 21st century will be characterized by competition among China, India and the US. The question facing every nation is what they can offer to pave the way towards new strategic alliances.

The India-China Conflict in the Himalaya Should Break Open IR Theory

Alexander Davis • Oct 15 2020 • Articles

India and China are locked in a great power clash over the Himalaya. And yet, IR’s failure to go beyond a state-centric view of the story may likely lead to a catastrophic ending.

Opinion — Cloaked to Invisibility: Circular Migrants in India

Harshita Sinha • Oct 13 2020 • Articles

While migrant workers have the constitutionally guaranteed right to move, reside and work across India, their presence in the city remains peripheral

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