International Society

The International Community: Conceptual Insights from Law and Sociology

Dennis R. Schmidt • Nov 27 2015 • Articles

While talk would suggest that there exists some kind of unitary and durable actor called ‘international community’, it is far from clear who or what it represents.

The Contemporary Ambiguities of Religions as a Source of Civilisational Identity

Fabio Petito • Sep 25 2015 • Articles

The international society is experiencing an epoch-making process of transformation. The global resurgence of religion is not unrelated to these structural changes.

Civilizations and Global Hierarchies: An English School Approach

Yannis Stivachtis • May 28 2015 • Articles

The concept of ‘civilization’ differentiates, evaluates, includes, and excludes. In doing so, the civilization discourse creates global hierarchies.

Review – An Introduction to the English School of International Relations

Yannis Stivachtis • Jan 25 2015 • Features

Buzan’s seminal work on the English School offers a stimulating introduction for all students and scholars of IR and highlights the need for further research

The Constitution, De-Constitution, and Reconstitution of International Society

Colin Cordner • Jan 5 2015 • Articles

If the object of persuasion is not singular and universal, but rather a plurality of sovereigns, then effecting international change becomes a more complex and political.

The English School, Post-Western IR, and Beyond

Josuke Ikeda • Sep 6 2013 • Articles

The globalization of the English School is currently taking place as non-Western theories develop. It will be interesting to see how this evolves and whether it leads to a post-Western world society.

Lost in Translation? Importing the English School to America

Alan Klæbel Weisdorf • Aug 2 2013 • Articles

Robert Murray’s edited collection ‘System, Society and the World’ illustrates the value of a pluralist approach under the umbrella of English School research.

Regional International Societies, the Polysemy of Institutions and Global International Society

Filippo Costa Buranelli • Aug 1 2013 • Articles

The regional agenda of the English School has so far neglected the polysemy of institutions within international society, which in turn relies on a distinction between norms and rules.

Another Revolt Against the West?

Jason Ralph • May 13 2013 • Articles

Hedley Bull once described what he called “the revolt against the West”. When looking at the contemporary international society, it seems that Bull’s narrative still has relevance today.

Translation and Interpretation: The English School and IR Theory in China

Roger Epp • May 5 2013 • Articles

It would be disingenuous to prescribe an IR theory with Chinese characteristics. At most, it is possible to say what a cross-cultural theoretical encounter might require.

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