Capital Mobility and Development Process: The New Political Economy Thoughts

John Windie Ansah • Jun 16 2019 • Articles
Classical political economy perspectives have been limited to the processes with which formal political and economic structures could be seen as central to development.

Interview – Alfredo Hernandez Sanchez

E-International Relations • Feb 20 2019 • Features
Alfredo Hernandez Sanchez discusses sovereign debt management in Mexico and Ecuador, causes of the Euro-debt crisis and UK sovereign debt in light of a no-deal Brexit.

Evolutionary Economics and the Question of Corporate Power

Matti Ylönen • Jan 31 2019 • Articles
If we want answers to the role of Multinational Enterprises in IR, we need to consider the blurring boundaries between market-based mechanisms and political rule.

Interview – Daniel Mügge

E-International Relations • Dec 20 2018 • Features
Prof. Daniel Mügge talks about the scientization of economic governance, the US trade deficit, the manipulation of macroeconomic indicators and how to interpret them.

Interview – Madison Cartwright

E-International Relations • Dec 12 2018 • Features
Madison Cartwright discusses his PhD research, Trump's trade policies, the EU's controversial Copyright directive and the advantages of synthesising Marxism and Realism.

Global Political Economy

Günter Walzenbach • Dec 29 2016 • Articles
While we certainly live in a global economy, for the time being we lack a common response to the challenges this brings - especially in establishing control over a still-evolving global market system.

The Panama Papers and International Cooperation in Tax Matters

Patricia Brown • Jun 2 2016 • Articles
The release of the Panama Papers will result in changes in the legal environment, not because they revealed anything new, but because the public is paying attention.

How Movie References Can Make Teaching Theories More Accessible

Lukas K. Danner • May 24 2016 • Articles
The different time periods in the trilogy 'Back to the Future' have been valuable for bringing concepts in courses such as IPE and IR Theory to life.

Sacred Cows and the Idea of Political Economy in Southern Africa

Peter Vale • Aug 5 2015 • Articles
South African politics must move beyond narrow thinking and recognise political economy as a tool not only for sound analysis, but also for good policy-making.

The Power of IPE for Researching Energy and Natural Resources

Jesse Salah Ovadia • Apr 24 2014 • Articles
The ability of IPE scholars to understand energy through a lens that examines both the economic and political aspects of power offers great potential for analysis.

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