Joseph Nye

The Limits of Soft Power-Sports Diplomacy Templates in IR Research

Nikos Lekakis • Jun 23 2019 • Articles
The sports diplomacy templates fail to provide a meaningful platform for understanding the international impact of mega-sporting event campaigns on a country’s soft power

Raj Kapoor and India’s Foremost Cinematic Soft Power Breakthrough

Anubhav Roy • Jan 23 2017 • Articles
Soft power has fast matured into a sine qua non of international political conduct. Awara inadvertently became soft power, facilitating Soviet trust of India.

Interview – Joseph Nye

E-International Relations • Nov 25 2015 • Features
Prof. Nye discusses the waning idea of the American Century, the role of China, India and Russia and the diffusion of power in world politics in the 21st century.

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