Kenneth Waltz

Review – Whiskey & International Relations Theory

Filipe dos Reis and Adhemar Mercado • Apr 21 2021 • Features

The Whiskey & International Relations Theory podcast considers classical texts and recent debates in IR in an engaging and accessible way.

What International Relations Tells Us about COVID-19

Joshua Busby • Apr 26 2020 • Articles

A Trump re-election loss will not remove structural barriers to collaboration, but it might delegitimate some of the zero-sum thinking that proliferated during his time.

Bipolarity or Hegemony? Latin America’s Dilemma for the 21st Century

Luis L. Schenoni • Feb 24 2019 • Articles

If a bipolarity framework takes hold, conservative foreign policies will pay off in a world with clearer rules but reduced margin of maneuver for Latin America.

Saving Grace or Achilles Heel? The Odd Relationship Between Nuclear Weapons and Neo-Realism

Adam P. MacDonald • Oct 25 2018 • Articles

Its time for Neo-Realists to quit using nuclear weapons as anomaly fixers, even if this necessities a fundamental reworking of their basic principles.

The Virtues of Anarchism

Christian Pfenninger • Oct 26 2015 • Articles

IR needs to pay attention to philosophical anarchism; IR has been paying attention to anarchy, but has failed to incorporate anarchism into its conceptual repertoire.

Interview – Stephen Walt

E-International Relations • Oct 11 2013 • Features

Professor Walt discusses the Syria crisis, the value of “isms” in IR theory, and advises students to be good writers and work on subjects that genuinely fascinate them.

Towards a Pluralistic Nuclear Middle East

Mohammed Nuruzzaman • Sep 29 2013 • Articles

The imperatives for nuclear proliferation in the Middle East are deeply rooted in the historical-structural dynamics and strategic compulsions of the Iranians, the Israelis, and the Arab states. Given the right context, proliferation can bring stability.

Waltzian Metatheory: A Rejoinder to Brittnee Carter

Robert W. Murray • Jul 31 2013 • Articles

A recent article on e-IR examined some of the metatheoretical implications of Waltz’s 1979 Theory of International Politics. Though an excellent analysis, there are some points to add.

Kenneth Waltz, Metatheorist?: Mind-World Monism in ‘Theory of International Politics’

Brittnee Carter • Jul 29 2013 • Articles

The late-Kenneth Waltz’s ‘Theory of International Politics’ is full of metatheoretical implications that have been largely overlooked by scholars and students of International Relations.

The Politics of the Realist/Liberal Divide

Robert W. Murray • Jul 12 2013 • Articles

Stephen Walt recently pointed out that realist academics tend to be solitary while liberals often collaborate and write jointly. However, he misses a crucial point that needs to be added to the discussion.

Kenneth Waltz: The Man Who Saved Realism

Ian Hall • Jun 24 2013 • Articles

When Kenneth Waltz passed away International Relations lost one of its finest theorists. But, Waltz’s greatest legacy to IR was his revival – indeed, his resurrection – of realism.

Reflecting on Kenneth Waltz

Robert W. Murray • May 14 2013 • Articles

As professors, students and lovers of international relations, we walk in the shadows of giants. Our field lost one of its giants yesterday with the passing of the undisputedly influential Kenneth Waltz.

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