Middle Powers

Student Feature – Middle Powers in International Relations

Allan Patience • May 8 2017 • Student Features
Middle power theorising can draw on a long and important intellectual history, emphasising the potential for states desiring middle power recognition to become good global citizens in a globalizing world.

Middle Power Religion

John A. Rees • Jan 29 2016 • Articles
Whilst the study of religion adds value to our understanding of world affairs, the opposite is also true: the concepts of IR add value to our understanding of religion

Review – MIKTA, Middle Powers, and New Dynamics of Global Governance

Hakan Mehmetcik • Dec 9 2015 • Features
By being one of the few scholarly texts to focus on the MIKTA, Jongryn's edited volume is a substantial contribution to global governance literature.

A Critical Review of the Concept of Middle Power

Dong-min Shin • Dec 4 2015 • Articles
Existing trends of middle power study are limited due to a tendency towards liberalist criteria and a lack of considerations of interactions with other entities.

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